Broke Zahara's relatives are now selling the late singer's clothes and awards on Whatsapp, Vusi Nova shocked


The family of the late singer Zahara has come under fire for reportedly selling her furniture and other valuables on WhatsApp. The news of this auction-style sale has left friends, fans, and the general public appalled, as they deem it a disrespectful act that tarnishes Zahara's legacy.

According to sources, Zahara's family has been circulating photos of her furniture on WhatsApp, complete with price tags, in an attempt to find buyers. The family is allegedly auctioning off her household items to the highest bidder, leaving many in disbelief and questioning the motives behind such actions. Zahara's sisters have also been implicated in the sale, with reports suggesting that they are even selling her hard-earned awards.

One of Zahara's closest friends, Vusi Nova, expressed his shock and disappointment upon discovering the news. Nova, who shared a close bond with the late singer, revealed that he had no prior knowledge of the sale. "I am always there for them when they need something, and I support the parents, but they did not inform me about selling Zahara's furniture," he expressed to media outlets. The actions of Zahara's family have not only surprised Nova but have also left him questioning their decisions.

Zahara's former manager, Oyama Dyosiba, distanced himself from the controversial situation, stating that he was unaware of the sale and had withdrawn from her affairs since her sisters took over. Dyosiba directed further inquiries to Zahara's sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, who have assumed control of her estate. The involvement of Zahara's sisters in the sale has raised eyebrows, leading to speculation about the internal dynamics and motives driving these actions.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Zahara's husband, Mpho Xaba, opened up about his strained relationship with her family. Xaba revealed that he was excluded from her funeral and prohibited from attending the proceedings. Allegedly, the family does not recognize him as Zahara's legitimate husband or fiancé due to an unpaid lobola, resulting in further tension between Xaba and the family.

The sale of Zahara's belongings comes on the heels of recent rumors suggesting that her house was under scrutiny by tax authorities due to unpaid debts. A close friend of Zahara confirmed the mega sale organized by her family, expressing concern that the family was disregarding her legacy in the process. "They are selling absolutely everything without even consulting her elders at home," the source lamented. "That furniture is way too expensive for what they are selling it for. They really don't care about her legacy."

The fallout from this situation has been immense, with fans and friends of Zahara expressing their disappointment and criticizing the family's actions. Questions arise about the family's motives and the internal conflicts that may have led to these drastic measures. As the story continues to unfold, the spotlight remains on Zahara's family and how they will respond to the growing backlash. Many are hopeful that steps will be taken to preserve Zahara's legacy in a more respectful manner.

The social media frenzy surrounding this controversy shows no signs of abating, as fans and supporters rally behind Zahara's memory. In the face of adversity, her legacy shines brightly, and her impact on South African music will not be forgotten.

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