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Digital marketing aspects in 2021


For any company, visibility on the Internet is essential. And online or digital marketing campaigns will be the key to business results in the online world. In this article we will tell you what digital marketing campaigns are, what are their characteristics, the agents involved and their payment models.

New consumer habits

Technology has changed the world and also lifestyle and consumer habits in recent years. The thinking and behavior of consumers has varied, as a consequence of the fact that:

  • Technology has been democratized, with affordable and quality products. This allows us to access any content easily.
  • In recent years, the socio-economic contexts of crisis have also determined some consumption habits.
  • Potential customers, as members of digital communities, interact with brands and want to be taken into account.
  • If consumer habits change, online marketing campaigns must too. New disciplines have emerged such as content marketing, multimedia design adapted to social networks, etc.
  • Look at the new traffic sources. TikTok could be like this. If you want to get TiKTok traffic, then follow simple strategies. Buy TikTok followers, upload more quality content and wait for the algorithm to give you viral nature.


In order for the user to have more and more personalized information, digital marketing allows clients with common characteristics to be grouped together. This segmentation optimizes resources and marketing actions, achieving greater knowledge of the potential audience. At the same time, it makes the marketing costs profitable.

The segmentation requirements are diverse:

  • Quantification: segment members are accountable.
  • Homogeneity: the marketing and communication actions that are designed should serve the entire segment.
  • Accessibility: advertising actions will impact all members of the segment.
  • Sustainability: The segment must have a minimum size or commercial interest to be profitable.

There are also various types of segmentation, depending on the criteria used. Segmentation can be geographic, linguistic, by time slot, by device, by interests or by topic.


Depending on the demands of the moment, marketing campaigns must have the flexibility to be adapted and modified. We will not find this feature in traditional marketing, so it represents a remarkable added value. In short, it allows us to make decisions that improve the results of the campaign, taking into account the conditions or the evolution in real time.


Digital marketing also allows us to accurately and permanently measure the results of marketing campaigns. With the results produced by the metrics, we will be able to access a lot of information about our products and clients: the most profitable products, the most searched, the most visited web pages, etc. Everything is measurable and everything can be improved.

The four F

The four Ps of traditional marketing (price, product, place, promotion) have become the four Fs of digital marketing: flow, functionality, feedback and loyalty. The flow is the sensation that a user perceives when immersing himself in the web, according to the personal experience and the information with added value that he obtains.

For its part, functionality refers to the attractiveness and functionality of the website, being useful and efficient. Feedback implies responses and communication between the user and the brand. This element will give us more information about our target audience and their behavior, creating relationships with them. We speak of loyalty when we achieve a close relationship with users based on trust and personalization, with the aspiration of getting loyal followers for the brand.

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