Another deadly disease hits Africa, 100 already infected as coronavirus kills 1400 people so far


While the world is still trying to put in measures to avoid the spread of novel coronavirus, Africa is very worried as one of its member countries, Nigeria has also raised alarm bells over a new mysterious disease.

The country has reported that more than 100 people have been infected by the disease. Symptoms include vomiting, inflammation and diarrhoea.

The outbreak happened in the capital Abuja and it is believed that those who contract the disease die 48 hours after infection.

Locally, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) continues with its surveillance activities and testing of individuals with symptoms of the 2019-nCoV.

The NICD’s Professor Cheryl Cohen said: “Sixty-one individuals have been tested for the virus and all tests have come back negative, therefore there is no confirmed case of the 2019-nCoV in South Africa.”

She reiterated that ports of entry into South Africa remain on high alert for a possible case.

“It is possible that we will detect a case and, as such, we would like to assure the public that should South Africa identify a positive case the country is well prepared to deal with it.

“The NICD, working together with the National Department of Health, continues to enhance systems to rapidly identify and detect any imported cases that may reach our borders,” Cohen said.

They continue to provide preparedness training, guidance and support to health care professionals in South Africa, and across the continent, she said.

Although no cases of the deadly coronavirus have been detected in Africa, the continent remains on high alert.

In the wake of the outbreak, several international airports across the continent introduced screenings and Mauritius introduced a mandatory quarantine on all passengers that have visited China’s Hubei province, where the outbreak originated, irrespective of their nationality.

The virus has so far claimed over 1400 lives worldwide.

Source: IOL

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