Shock as "Facebook rapist" Thabo Bester begs court to hand him a death sentence: I'm broken, it's better I die


Thabo Bester, the infamous "Facebook rapist" who was convicted of murder and rape in 2015, made a shocking request in court on Wednesday. As he stood before the Free State High Court, Bester asked the judge to consider imposing the death penalty on him and to release his co-accused, who are facing charges related to his alleged escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre. The unexpected plea left many in the courtroom astounded and bewildered.

Representing himself after his legal team withdrew from the case due to unpaid fees, Bester's passionate and emotional address to the court revealed a perplexing mix of remorse, self-preservation, and conspiracy theories. With a trembling voice, he expressed his belief that it was unjust for his co-accused to suffer the consequences of a crime they had no involvement in. "Your Honour, I say this as a broken man and I say this wholeheartedly, it tears me apart to see these people in this court, knowing well that they are suffering for something they know nothing about," he pleaded.

Seeking to draw attention to his cause, Thabo Bester referred to abolished legislation and presented a petition, intended to be signed by the public, advocating for his own death penalty. "If it means that this court can accept the petition and the public can sign it, then we can put all this to rest. I am at peace," Bester declared, his eyes filled with an unsettling mix of determination and resignation.

The courtroom was filled with a somber atmosphere as Thabo Bester's words hung heavy in the air. His emotional plea, coupled with the shocking revelations and allegations, has undoubtedly given rise to more questions than answers. The public eagerly awaits the court's response to his plea and the subsequent proceedings that will follow.

"I feel it's unfair for these people who are sitting here as my so-called co-accused to be in court when I know very well that they have nothing to do with this," Bester said. "Your Honour, I say this as a broken man and I say this wholeheartedly, it tears me a part to see these people in this court, knowing well that they are suffering for something they know nothing about."

However, Bester's claims did not end there. He launched a scathing attack on the Department of Correctional Services, alleging that his conversations with his legal team were being recorded, causing him distress and raising concerns about his mental well-being. Additionally, he criticized the media for what he perceived as biased portrayals and negative articles about him. Bester's frustration extended to the restrictions imposed on his attire for court appearances, claiming he was advised not to wear any brand-name clothing to avoid influencing public opinion against him.

Behind the scenes, there are whispers of a deeper conspiracy involving influential figures. Bester indirectly hinted at the involvement of political watchdogs, insinuating that there was a hidden agenda behind his imprisonment and subsequent trial. While no concrete evidence has been presented to substantiate these claims, the mere suggestion has ignited speculation and fueled public curiosity.

Bester's request for the death penalty was met with surprise by many in the courtroom, as he had previously been sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes. However, he argued that he was ready to face the consequences of his actions and that the death penalty would bring closure to the case.

“Immediately I will agree to it and we can end this matter. I came here with 80 cars, I woke up at 2am. I’ve been having chains on my feet. My feet are ice. I cannot feel my toes at this point. This is not the way I want to proceed, your Honour.

Bester's co-accused, including Dr Nandipha Magudumana, Zolile Sekeleni, Xando Moyo, Teboho Lipholo, Buti Masukela, Teiho Makhotsa, Senohe Matsoara, and James Lipholo, were also present in court. They face charges related to Bester's alleged escape from the high-security Mangaung Correctional Centre. The court has scheduled their next appearance for July 24, promising further revelations and possibly shedding light on the truth behind Bester's claims.

Bester said that “none of this” would have happened if there was “no backhand of political watch dogs”.

An impassioned Bester took swipes at the Department of Correctional Services, claiming that even when he would consult with his legal team, their calls were being recorded and that he feared for his mental wellbeing, as he had not been in contact with people, other than the guard stationed outside his cell, in 15 months. He further slammed the media for the way in which he was being portrayed and articles written about him.

As the courtroom emptied, leaving behind a lingering sense of disbelief, one thing became clear: Thabo Bester's unexpected plea has thrust this case into uncharted territory, forcing the legal system and the public to grapple with complex questions of justice, punishment, and the truth behind his alleged escape. The nation watches with bated breath as the wheels of justice continue to turn in this extraordinary saga.

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