Trevor Noah and Tyla Bond over Shared South African Roots and Love of Rollercoasters


South African expats Trevor Noah and Tyla recently engaged in an intimate interview, where they connected over their shared love for roller coasters. From Gold Reef City in Johannesburg to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, the duo discussed their experiences and favorite theme parks.

Tyla, the rising South African singer who gained global recognition with her hit single "Water," expressed her enthusiasm for visiting theme parks whenever possible. She mentioned her visit to Six Flags in L.A., where she was blown away by the rides, especially since she was accustomed to the limited options at Gold Reef City. Trevor, known for his comedic prowess, inquired about Tyla's leisure activities during her tours.

“Literally everywhere I go, I ask, ‘Is there a theme park here?’ A lot of times, I don’t have the time, but I went to Six Flags in L.A. As soon as I went on that first ride, I was like, ‘What the heck?’ Because I’m only used to Gold Reef City,”

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The conversation delved into the success of Tyla's career and her chart-topping single. She shared the origin of the popular "Water" dance, which is based on the Bacardi dance style from Pretoria. Tyla expressed her delight in seeing a South African dance style trending globally.

Both Trevor and Tyla reminisced about their roller coaster adventures, with Trevor admitting his penchant for riding roller coasters in different countries. He suggested trying the thrilling Six Flags in New Jersey and mentioned the wild roller coaster he experienced in Colorado.

“Since Gold Reef City opened, we’ve had the same five rides. No updates. So Six Flags was the best thing ever. I’m a roller-coaster connoisseur now,” said Tyla, whose full name is Tyla Laura Seethal.

“There’s a crazy Six Flags that you should try in New Jersey if you’re going to be in New York for a while,” suggests Trevor.

“The weather might be good enough for you to do it before you leave. And Colorado has one of the wildest I’ve ever been to.”

Trevor humorously mentioned an incident in Sweden where a roller coaster malfunctioned, causing people to fall off. Despite the mishap, he still found himself drawn to such rides, considering them even more thrilling after an unexpected event.

The interview allowed Tyla, a 21-year-old rising star, to open up about her background and aspirations to Trevor, who could relate to the complexities of being a globally recognized South African. Tyla spoke fondly of her grandmother, a singer who participated in competitions to support the family, showcasing her talent and determination.

“I want to be the biggest pop star of my generation. That’s always been the goal, and it still is,” the musician, whose real name is Tyla Laura Seethal, said.

“I never wanted to just be a local South African artist. I always wanted to be on the biggest stages, travelling the world.”

 And I really want to work with Drake. I’m going to say that in every single interview until he makes it happen.”

Tyla's recent accomplishments include debuting her single "On and On" on the German platform COLORS and releasing an EP featuring her hit song "Water." In the interview, she expressed her ambition to become the biggest pop star of her generation and revealed her desire to collaborate with Drake, making it a recurring statement in every interview until it becomes a reality.

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