Vusi Nova leaves hospital in tears after visiting Zahara


Musician Vusi Nova, a close friend and collaborator of Zahara, has been visiting her daily in the hospital as she fights for her life.

Zahara has been in intensive care for nearly two weeks due to liver complications. Vusi is struggling to see the vibrant performer in her current condition.

"She was okay, doing perfectly fine. We were sorting out details for a gig in Mozambique and she was looking forward to it and then this happened," he says.

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"There were no signs of ill health or anything. She was her usual self. "Life is weird at times, you think you are okay and healthy but your body has other plans." adding how bizarre it is to see a lively person now helpless.

Each visit is difficult, with some days bringing improvement and others leaving him in tears. "Knowing that she is lying there, helpless hurts," he says. "I have been going to see her everyday. Days are not the same. Some days she is fine, getting better and some days I leave there crying," he says. "At the moment she is not awake or speaking and I am praying and hoping that today when I visit her she will be awake.""It breaks my heart. Vusi misses Zahara's bossy yet bubbly presence and prays she will wake up when he next visits.

It's tough seeing someone so full of life. Bulelwa is very out there, bossy, vibrant, expressive. To see her in that light is frustrating for me," he says.

Having been diagnosed with a heart condition years ago, Vusi understands health setbacks. He monitors his own heart issues and high blood pressure through medication, diet, exercise and limiting alcohol.

Zahara's struggle hits close to home for Vusi. He remains at her bedside for support while mourning the loss of her energetic spirit within the hospital walls.

Fans join Vusi in hoping for Zahara's recovery and return to vibrant health and performances. For now, her friend upholds prayers at her hospital bed.

Despite the difficulties, Vusi emphasizes the necessity of prioritizing his health by exercising regularly and making the right choices every day.

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