Video evidence of rigged elections, Load-shedding, water-shedding, retrenchments and economic hardships to hit South Africa: Ace Magashule


Former ANC Secretary-General and leader of the African Congress for Transformation (ACT), Ace Magashule, is gearing up for a legal battle against the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) over alleged irregularities in the recent national and provincial elections. In a bold move, Magashule claims to possess tangible evidence, including videos, that purportedly expose IEC officials manipulating ballot papers in favor of the ANC.

With unwavering conviction, Magashule revealed that at certain polling stations, boxes were discovered devoid of any ballots. He expressed disbelief at the reported figures, stating,

"Out of 134,000 people, only 800 have voted for us, according to the IEC. It cannot be true that out of 700 voting stations, we acquired only one vote. Even in the voting districts where we cast our ballots with our families, my party received nothing."

Not one to shy away from confrontation, Magashule divulged that his party has already submitted over 500 objections to the electoral commission, which the IEC has duly acknowledged.

"We have sent videos to the IEC showcasing incidents that transpired in Sasolburg, where we caught a presiding officer marking ballots. In Kroonstad, one of our councillors was caught in the act of marking the ANC. We are ready to take the matter before the court, standing united with other political parties," he asserted.

Despite having secured a solitary seat in the provincial legislature and no representation in the national assembly, Magashule remains steadfast in his pursuit of justice. Dismissing the IEC's reassurances to the public, he maintains that the recent elections were marred by irregularities, casting doubt on the integrity of the process.

In response to Magashule's allegations, IEC Commissioner Mosotho Moepya confirmed that they had received over 500 objections, with Magashule's objections being among them. However, the IEC stands by their assertion that all objections raised by political parties have been thoroughly addressed.

The legal battle ahead is not unfamiliar territory for Magashule. Last week, he labeled the recently formed Government of National Unity as the "government of betrayal." These remarks followed his appearance in the Free State High Court regarding the controversial R255 million asbestos roofing project. The court trial, which involves Magashule and 18 others, has been postponed until April 15, 2025, running through June 23, 2025, coinciding with a significant event in the Free State Legislature.

Magashule's conspicuous absence from the inauguration of the new Free State Premier, MaQueen Letsoha Mathae, and the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the 7th administration did not escape notice. When questioned about his absence, Magashule promptly pointed to electoral fraud. "How do I go to the legislature when elections have been rigged?" he retorted, addressing the media outside the courthouse.

Accusing the ruling party of manipulating the 2024 national elections, Magashule asserted that his party, along with over 20 other political entities, would challenge the results in court.

"Elections have been rigged, and we are going to court with many other parties, more than 20 parties. South Africans know this, and that's why they are now forming a government of national betrayal. They have betrayed our people. It's time for black people and African people to open their eyes and realize," he passionately declared.

Magashule's critique extends beyond allegations of electoral fraud. He also condemned the current government's handling of various crises, ominously predicting the return of severe load-shedding, water shortages, and economic difficulties under the Government of National Unity.

"Load-shedding is coming back, water-shedding is coming back, and retrenchments are coming back. The mines are retrenching, and unemployment and poverty are rising. Our people are going to become hungrier. I'm sure even Covid will come back," he warned, painting a bleak picture of the nation's future under the current administration.

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