Disaster as Jacob Zuma declares war over rigged elections: We are now taking to the streets and demonstrate!


Former South African president Jacob Zuma has declared war over what he claims were rigged results in last May's general elections. Zuma's uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party had lodged an appeal with the Electoral Court to set aside the election results after forming a coalition government between the ANC, DA, IFP, and PA nationally, with the NFP in KwaZulu-Natal.

Following the court's refusal to entertain his 'rigged elections' claims, Zuma is now calling for demonstrations in the streets. His announcement comes just days after the newly re-elected president, Cyril Ramaphosa, formed a government of national unity (GNU) with various political factions. The MK Party has lodged an appeal with the Electoral Court, seeking to set aside the election results. Zuma has also hinted at seeking justice internationally if the court ruling does not align with their demands.

Addressing the media yesterday, Zuma expressed his frustration with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), stating, "When we went to the IEC and told them not to declare the election results because we have evidence of irregularities, they refused."

The former president emphasized that the MK Party had exhausted peaceful means to address their grievances.

However, Zuma reiterated that the planned demonstrations would remain peaceful, emphasizing that the MK Party does not condone violence as a means of resolving problems. He also dismissed the GNU as an "unholy alliance" controlled by "white capital," urging progressive political parties to oppose its formation.

"We need to educate our people that there is no government of national unity in South Africa," Zuma asserted. "There is a white-led unholy alliance between the DA and the ANC of Ramaphosa. It is sponsored by big business and is for the benefit of the markets and not the people. It must be crushed before it finds its feet."

The MK Party, which secured a significant number of seats in both the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature and the National Assembly, boycotted Parliament's first sitting last Friday. Zuma clarified that the boycott was a form of protest against the alleged vote rigging and indicated the organization's intention to work with progressive parties to "liberate our people."

While Zuma remains the leader of the MK Party, he insists that he is still a member of the ANC. However, ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula stated that Zuma's campaigning for a rival party brought the ANC into disrepute and would result in disciplinary action.

"The disciplinary committee against Zuma will continue; nothing has changed," Mbalula declared. "We said before the elections that it must be postponed to after the elections. That disciplinary process will continue."

This recent development adds further tension to an already fragile political landscape, exacerbated by the wave of unrest that swept across the country in July 2021. The unrest, which followed Zuma's imprisonment for contempt of court, resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, extensive damage to infrastructure and businesses, and a significant blow to South Africa's economy.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) released a report attributing some responsibility for the unrest to lapses in law enforcement by state security agencies, particularly the South African Police Service. The SAHRC described the events as a well-orchestrated and violent manifestation of deep-rooted political and social challenges facing the nation.

While no direct evidence links Zuma's supporters to the violence, the timing of the unrest coincided with his incarceration, leading to perceptions of a connection. The SAHRC's report highlights the need for comprehensive efforts to address the underlying issues that contributed to the unrest and to strengthen law enforcement to prevent such incidents in the future.

As the dispute over the election results continues to intensify, the country will closely watch the developments surrounding the MK Party's appeal and the potential for peaceful demonstrations. Celeb Gossip News remains committed to providing the latest updates on this evolving situation, ensuring our readers stay informed on the latest political landscape in South Africa.

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