Election Rerun: Zuma's MK and 19 other parties reveal how Cape Town-based IT company helped IEC rig elections


JOHANNESBURG – The 2024 South African elections have descended into a political maelstrom, with Jacob Zuma's Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party and a coalition of other opposition parties making explosive claims of vote rigging and demanding a complete rerun of the polls.

"This is the kind of high-stakes drama that our readers can't get enough of," says Celeb Gossip News veteran journalist Thato Mabena. "The MK party is pulling out all the stops to challenge the integrity of the election results, and it's got everyone in the political sphere on the edge of their seats."

During a press briefing that took place on Saturday, young leaders of the MK Party made bold accusations against the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) and a Cape Town-based IT company. According to Nhlamulo Ndhlela, the party's spokesperson, an IT entity appointed in Cape Town interfered with the election results system during a two-hour blackout, which occurred when the election results leader board crashed on Friday morning.

"You can't fool us. We know exactly what was happening. There is an IT entity which was appointed in Cape Town, that interfered during that two-hour period. We can confirm it," Ndhlela stated emphatically, insisting that they possess evidence to support their claims.

Arthur Zwane, a prominent MK leader, revealed during the briefing that two individuals were allegedly apprehended by the police for tampering with the system. Although the IEC could not immediately confirm these allegations, Ndhlela asserted that they had engaged with the IEC's chief electoral officer, Sy Mamabolo, regarding the matter.

"The secrecy surrounding that process tells us that there is more to it than meets the eye," emphasized Zwane, suggesting a deeper conspiracy at play.

Responding to the allegations, IEC Chairperson Mosotho Moepya, seemingly anticipating the MK Party's public outcry, addressed the media during a briefing on Saturday afternoon. Moepya emphasized that the current elections system was internally developed by the IEC and that all service providers, including auditors from Grant Thornton Auditors, were appointed through a transparent public tender process.

Despite the IEC's reassurances, the MK Party remains steadfast in its claims against the Cape Town-based IT company, accusing them of rigging the elections during the two-hour blackout. Ndhlela reiterated their position, stating, "They were rigging the system. The days of owning us have come to an end. We don't have a manifesto; we have a people's mandate, and this is a manifestation of that."

With over 2.3 million votes secured in the May 29 elections, the MK Party emerged as the third-largest party in the country, trailing behind the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA). The ANC obtained 40.19% of the votes, while the DA garnered 21.81%. These figures make the demand for a re-vote all the more significant, as the MK Party's influence cannot be ignored.

Interestingly, the MK Party is not alone in its allegations of vote rigging. In the Western Cape alone, over 19 other parties have expressed discontent with the election results. Colleen Makhubela, president of the South African Radical Alliance (SARA), expressed solidarity with the MK Party, describing Zuma as a father figure who has provided them with comfort during these challenging times.

"We are not standing here as sore losers; we are parties that want free, fair, and credible elections," Makhubela emphasized, highlighting the shared sentiment among several political organizations.

Besides the MK Party, other parties supporting their demand for a re-vote include ACC, ACT, ACP, ACDP, SUN, COPE, UDM, AADP, PA, Xiluva, CISA, PMC, AHC, AMC, ARA, UAT, AM4C, APC, Al-Jama, UIM, Sarko, ATM, and OHM. These parties have given the IEC until 10 p.m. to respond to their demands, setting the stage for a potential showdown.

As tensions rise and uncertainty looms over the fate of the election results, the nation eagerly awaits the IEC's response. The clock is ticking, and the deadline is fast approaching. Will the IEC accede to the demands for a re-vote, or will they stand firm and defend the integrity of the electoral process? Only time will tell.

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