End of the road for ANC senior officials who were busy feasting on Slay Queens: Julius Malema reveals


The outspoken Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has launched a scathing attack on the African National Congress (ANC), accusing the ruling party of squandering public funds on lavish lifestyles and "slay queen" relationships.

Speaking to Celeb Gossip News in the wake of the ANC's dismal performance in the 2024 general elections, Malema held nothing back, declaring that the party's free-spending ways on the rich and famous are now a thing of the past.

Malema, unrelenting in his critique, accused the ANC of diverting funds intended for the impoverished to these "slay queens," a term often used to describe young women who engage in lavish lifestyles and relationships with wealthy individuals. The EFF leader claimed that the ANC's taps had run dry, leaving the slay queens without their customary financial support.

"The ANC is quiet. They are not saying anything. Here in Gauteng, the money for slay queens has run dry," Malema declared defiantly. He further asserted that the ANC had previously misappropriated funds intended for the disadvantaged, redirecting them to support the extravagant lifestyles of these individuals. However, Malema's remarks did not go unchallenged, as he faced criticism from some quarters for his choice of language and the targeting of specific individuals.

The recent general elections revealed a challenging landscape for the ANC, which secured only 41% of the votes, a significant drop from previous years. The newly formed MK Party emerged as a formidable contender, claiming 14.6% of the vote share, while the EFF secured just over 9.4%. Malema acknowledged the emergence of the MK Party as a factor that affected his party's performance, resulting in multiple losses for the EFF.

Despite the setback, Malema expressed no regrets and reaffirmed his commitment to the EFF's cause. Dispelling rumors of his retirement from politics, he declared, "We are not the biggest losers, the biggest losers is the ANC." Malema emphasized that the EFF had successfully achieved its mission of diminishing ANC support to below 50%, a feat the party had long aspired to accomplish. He compared the ANC's decline to an animal being devoured piece by piece, with the EFF holding on to one piece and the MK Party snatching another.

Malema's resilience remained unwavering, as he outlined the EFF's strategy moving forward. He acknowledged that the party had attracted former ANC supporters who were left disillusioned after the removal of former President Jacob Zuma from the ANC. However, with the departure of these "borrowed voters," Malema believed the EFF was in a better position to consolidate their support base and focus on appealing to the youth electorate.

"We are happy because we have achieved our mission of bringing the ANC support below 50 percent in our lifetime," Malema asserted. He highlighted the dedication of the EFF's youthful members, who had demonstrated their allegiance by rallying on university campuses during the recent elections. Malema viewed this as a clear indication that the EFF's influence among the youth would continue to grow in the future.

While some critics attributed the EFF's underwhelming performance to its open border policy, Malema dismissed these claims, arguing that if true, other parties such as ActionSA and the Patriotic Alliance would have fared better. He also addressed internal challenges faced during the elections, stating that individuals who were not actively contributing to the party's campaign were asked to step aside. This restructuring aimed to ensure a focused and effective campaign, unencumbered by distractions.

Malema's press conference captivated audiences as he addressed the ANC's alleged mismanagement of funds and his party's determination to challenge the ruling party's dominance. The EFF leader's fiery rhetoric and unwavering commitment to his cause have solidified his position as a prominent figure in South African politics. As the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes will be on Malema and the EFF as they strive to redefine the country's political future.

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