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The Biggest Challenges in eSports Betting


Betting on eSports is a great adventure that could keep you excited all the time. However, it has certain challenges that can’t be ignored. Once you know what to look out for, eSports betting at https://askbettors.com/ offers a more rewarding experience. Let’s clear up a few things to help you dive in.

Challenge #1: Escape from illegal betting websites

Betting on eSports has its origins in skin gambling sites, most of which function illegally with no gambling license. Without authoritative regulations, operational restrictions, or protection measures, eSports betting sites are potentially dangerous to join.

The popularity of skin gambling gave way to legal and regulated eSports betting sites. It takes time for companies to get the right licenses and organize eSports betting operations in compliance with international gambling standards.

Challenge #2: Pick up the right sportsbook

More and more sportsbooks enter the eSports betting market. They have different bets and odds, which makes the choice complicated for average bettors. They have to conduct thorough research to make the right choice by the end of the day.

Bettors should check sportsbooks that don’t just display the odds, they also conduct an in-depth match analysis, team data, news, and other useful contextual content to place smarter bets.

Challenge #3: Compare the available odds

All betting sites have various odds for the same match results. To make the right choice, bettors have to analyze the market offers before placing their bet. Of course, it takes time. But it may bring a good profit in the end.

Even though it sounds strange, you must also consider if you’re looking for the site providing the best potential return or the site making it easier to win. This becomes something that skilled bettors find a good balance in.

Challenge #4: Understand the games

When it comes to the games like Dota 2 and CS:GO, newcomers can be challenged to understand the nuances. Even experienced bettors may have some knowledge gaps, which affect the accuracy of their predictions. If you try to make the most effective bet, you might have to start watching the games. You can even try to play the game yourself.

Understanding the game is the right way to success. This is crucial if you consider participating in some live eSports betting events. You need to know whether a particular character ban will greatly influence a particular team or whether a particular map choice favors a team in a game like Dota 2.

Challenge #5: Keep up to date with games

Compared to tennis and hockey, eSports titles often change thanks to constant updates. These include meta, maps, items, and general objectives. Games like Dota 2, CS:GO, and LoL have a changing map pool, which makes players compete in various environments every year.

These things are crucial to keep track of because the changes can influence the teams competing in upcoming tournaments. One team has a one-trick whose champion is no longer viable in the current meta. One team’s favorite map can also be added to the competitive pool.

Challenge #6: Avoid roster updates

Similar to traditional sports, eSports teams can trade, sign, and bench players in accordance with their performance, approach, and other aspects. In the most unexpected situations, a team’s roster can be affected. For example, Team Liquid usually relies on an Academy player in their first week of the LCS Spring Split if one of their players experiences some bureaucratic problems. This is a roster change you’d want to be familiar with in advance.

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