How to Attract and Date Beautiful African Girls, Always do this


Want a great date? Beautiful African women can be won over, if you know what to do. Get our tips and become the real master of courting.

Ladies are just ladies regardless of where you go to date them. African women have a set of particular requirements for men, but these 10 tips to attract and date beautiful African women are going to help you be well-off in finding a great date.

Be comfy in your own skin self confidence. Nowadays you can meet tons of guys, who seem to be putting so much efforts towards becoming somebody; somebody else.The way they dress, the way they conduct themselves… some of them look like machos or some movie heroes.
After talking to them for few minutes you realize they are not ok with whom they really are. This is number one push off factor for ladies. Women are after the real men.

They need no superman or batman. They know you cannot possibly be pretending all your life. At one point or another you are going to break down and be the true you.

That is what makes self-confidence so attractive for chics. If a man likes himself and is not scared to show the real self, they are some good. So, the key is to get in touch with you, the real you, get comfortable with it (of course, make some improvements and keep on growing) and manifest that person to the world.

Stay clean and smell nicewomen dating tipsTalking of attraction, we mean the men want ladies to be sexually drawn to them and want to make love to them.
This one tip would help you get the attention of the beautiful African ladies or any other kind of ladies.

Maintain proper hygiene.So she would not have to shop up on dates like that ☛

Just follow the three S rule or dating tips: shower, shave, smell good. Remember that females have more developed sense of smell. It’s hard to stress it enough.

They can “smell” their way into love. You can hear the stories of girls saying: I sensed that smell and my old boyfriend just appeared before my eyes. I just miss him so much!

Even on the bodily level women pick men by their smell. They sense those hormones and body scents that can either attract or push away.

Shower several times a day, use a nice deodorant, but do not overdo it.

You know those chics with too much make up on them? They just look ridiculous; all dress up to go shopping at the district open air market! This is how women feel about guys, who pour too much aroma on them.

It’s like: what’s that smell? She can smell you from away even before she sees you. So, keep it reasonable and clean.

Do not brag and listenSome guys are too focused on themselves. All women love attention. They are very emotional and love to share that. If a guy is a nonstop talker and all he talks about is his own precious person – he is no good.
You should become an expert in asking the right questions and then hearing to the replies. See, a woman is searching for someone she could get close with. This closeness includes sharing.

So, be attentive and caring. Ask her about her folks, her job, her studies or her dreams in life.

Being a good hearer always pays off. It brings you high dividends in business and with women, too.

This makes her feel important to you. And everyone likes that. Sometimes men think they have to possess some kind of magic to get a girl like them. You just need to be the right guy, the guy she feels good with. That’s it.

Learn to make eye contactblack-women3It’s not a good idea to be eyeing girl’s body (the best parts of it) in its place of gazing her in the eye.
Yeah, that could be hard. Make an extra effort to do that.

Take your eyes off the beauty below and look her into the eyes. Make and maintain that eye contact.

That is what girls expect. There has been done a considerable amount of scientific investigation of this topic.

They have discovered that eye contact is perceived by human brain as a very positive thing; in fact it can be compared with receiving a gift. It evokes pretty similar emotions. So, why not use it?

Only first learn some eye contact rules. You should be the one initiating eye contact. Do not wait for her to do that. Be frank. Do not just look at her out of a corner of your eye. Yes, it might seem safer grounds, but it is not effective. Women like men, who can just frankly look them in the eye and smile.

Do the “brow flash”. You can glance at her, smile and slightly move your brows up. Usually people do that when looking at their friends. That’s how you start the talk. However, do not go the extra mile here. You should look and not stare at her.

Do not try to seize her glance and “hypnotize” her with your eyes. Make it natural and comfortable for her.

Find common groundsWe are back to conversations. Girls love to talk. That is how they express themselves. So, if you wish to attract a girl, try to find common denominators with her. Some men are too self-centered. They talk of themselves and how they differ from everybody.
That is not going to impress her or draw her to you. Instead try to find some common grounds and interests with her. Ask her about her achievements and the things she likes. You would see that such exclamations as “Really? That is what I just love. That’s the movie I love” etc. can do miracles.

It is so amazing to meet someone, who likes the things you do and who have had related practices or have been to the places you’ve been to.

Don’t push itIt’s about s3x. Yes, she might be s3xy and attractive; and you want her, but… don’t push it. Remember, this picture is YOUR dream, not HERS. Avoid making too many remarks or compliments about her s3xuality.
Do not try to touch her too intimately or have funny talk about s3x and stuff. Do not tell her right away about your s3xual experiences or expectations.

Beautiful African women hate to be viewed as a ball of flesh you want to use for your relieve. She is a person and she wants to be treated as a person. So, avoid looking too often at some of the other parts of her body.

Converse with her. Do not make her feel like a thing for one night. Women hate that. So, be considerate of her and her needs above yours. That is true specifically if you are up to Christian dating.

Get a planOnce you hook up with a girl and ask her out on the first date, make a plan. Women like men who make plans and made decisions. They do not want to hear something like that: well, I did not really plan anything special, but we can go where you wish to go.
Of course, you may ask her whether she likes your plan or not, but always have a plan. And, make it relevant to her. If you do not know the girl well do not even try to ask her out for the first day to some sporting event.

Yes, you may love it, but she may hate it. Plus, she may get garbed up to go somewhere nice and would be unfit to go for more extreme activities. So, just be considerate and make good first impression. You won’t have the chance to remake it.

Put your phone away women dating tips. It really is not nice to get the calls or to play with a phone while on a date. Since you have promised this time to her, stay focused on her. Turn the phone off. Do not even think of checking your mail really quickly or handling it in other ways.It is rude and high chances are the girl won’t go to the second date with you, if you prefer you phone to her.
Do not gossip dating tips for men.
Some dudes can talk down their ex dates or ex-girlfriends with the new date. It’s a very bad idea. Just put yourself in her shoes.She might think you are going to discuss her with the next date. So, just stick with positive conversation topics.

The same is true about the “ex” topic.

Do not ask her of her ex-boyfriends or dating experience and do not share yours. At least the first few dates are not the perfect time to do that. It’s the time to get to know each other.

So, focus all the conversations her and you; and your interests, etc. That is the safe ground, so keep it there.

Stay interested

Some guys ask a question, but then they seem to lose any interest, when a girl starts answering it. Yes, it's hard to stay focused on her words, especially if she is that that ☛Still, it is a big “NO” of dating. You need to keep on expressing your interest.
Do it through the eye contact, through affirmative exclamations, etc. Express your desire to know. See, women pay great attention to details. They watch your body language.

So, hearing has to be active. Do not look away from her; do not suddenly become interested in something else or change the topic. Just be nice. Most girls would agree: we want a nice guy around. It’s that simple. All the tricks you learn to play to win a girl come down to this one: just be nice.

These 10 tips to attract and date beautiful African women work well, if you use them systematically and avoid the most commonly made mistakes. Let’s get a quick list of those.

Worse dating mistakes a man can make:

They stay cold
Women like emotions and connection. Some guys just state the cold facts about themselves.
They do not open up to make that connection and miss their chance.
Showing your anxiety
Girls like confidence.
If they see a man freaks out, they can hardly respect him.
Going too fast
Pushing her to s3x is a bad idea.
Having no date plan
Splitting the bill
Not being nice to people around or to the waiters
Chatting too much and not listening
These are some of the top dating mistakes men make. Our 10 tips can keep you on the safe ground. Remember dating and love is an art. It does not come intuitively. It has to be mastered and kept up all your life. Here are some video tips for you on dating

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