Mihlali's Relationship Woes Continue as Boyfriend's Estranged Wife Demands Gifted Car


The estranged wife of Mihlali Ndamase's boyfriend has taken legal action against him after he violated a court order to return a luxury vehicle that he had gifted to her. The wife, who remains anonymous for legal reasons, obtained the court order eight months ago, which required her husband to return the Range Rover Autobiography he had taken from her and gave to Ndamase. Additionally, the court order mandated the husband to provide spousal maintenance and cover accommodation rent for his estranged wife and their children.

Background and Court Order:

The court order, obtained eight months ago by the wife in the high court in Johannesburg, requires her husband to return a Range Rover Autobiography that he had gifted to the influencer, Mihlali Ndamase. Additionally, the order mandates the husband to provide spousal maintenance and pay accommodation rent for his estranged wife and their children. However, the husband has defied the court order, prompting the wife to take legal action against him.

According to court papers, the wife reveals shocking details about the case. She alleges that her husband lied about the vehicle being at a repair shop, claiming it was at PT Paint and Panelbeaters for repairs when, in reality, it was only booked for a bumper repair. She states that her attorney visited the panelbeaters on August 28 and confirmed this information. She alleges that the husband boasted about his influence over the police, believing that they would not take action against him.

Financial Extravagance:

The wife challenges her husband's claim of financial distress, presenting evidence of his lavish spending. She argues that he can afford the court-ordered maintenance amount, pointing to instances where he spent significant sums on alcohol, nightclub visits, and clothing. The court papers reveal transactions amounting to R59,000 on alcohol, including a single transaction of R50,000 at a luxury nightclub in Sandton. The wife also raises concerns about the husband's transfers of funds to Ndamase and others, suggesting a pattern of extravagant expenditure.

The businessman also blew away R13000 at a clothing store in Sandton on June 28, where he bought a designer suit for the Durban July, a popular annual horse racing event.

“I pause to note that my daughter has told me that the applicant is planning an overseas holiday in Dubai this December with his paramour [Ndamase] and our children,” read the court papers.

In addition, she says, Ndamase’s boyfriend transferred over R220000 in the ravishing model’s account between April 20 and May 25.

Accommodation Rent and Eviction:

The wife asserts that her husband has refused to pay rent for their accommodation, resulting in impending eviction for her and their children. This refusal adds to the mounting tensions in their relationship and the legal battle surrounding the luxury vehicle.

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