The Ultimate Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball is one of the leading sports in the world. This sport is famous worldwide, but the pinnacle of basketball is the American NBA league. In addition, Europe has significant tournaments, such as the Euroleague. For example, in Asia, the popularity of this sports discipline rapidly increases.
Basketball betting is one of the most understandable and straightforward markets in sports betting, so there are a lot of great Bet Tips guides on the Internet. This article will demonstrate how to bet on basketball, the most favored outcomes, how to bet live, and much more.

Basketball Rules

Basketball is one of the most accessible sports to understand and learn and, therefore, one of the most exciting! The rules are straightforward:

  • Two teams consisting of five players play against each other on the court, and the goal is to get points by shooting the ball into the basket in the opponent's half.
  • A team earns 2 points for a successful shot from a specific area close to the ring, and three points, often called a "three-pointer," for shots outside that area. Teams can also earn one point when a foul occurs, resulting in two or three "free throws" near the ring.
  • The ball must touch the ground every two steps while the player has the ball. Each attack has a countdown so the teams cross the center faster and do not waste time.
  • Matches are usually between 120 and 150 minutes long. In total, four quarters of 12 minutes are played. But games go on much longer because of stoppages, breaks, advertising, and timeouts.

Pros and Cons of Basketball Betting

Pros Cons
  • Numerous events with equal opportunity make this game one of the most suitable sports for those who like to bet on similarly likely events.
  • High NBA betting limits. The vast majority of big cappers make bets on the NBA. The best sportsbooks try to develop the most convenient conditions for bettors by offering generous betting limits on the primary outcomes, as well as handicap and total.
  • Low margins in the NBA. All the same competition between well-known platforms in the struggle for the most significant players has led to the fact that in almost all the leading gambling companies worldwide, the margin for NBA matches is less than for all other events and sports offered in the line.
  • Regularity of games. The fact that most basketball teams play between two and four games a week makes this sport the most attractive for statistics lovers in calculations – the sample of analyzed matches is excellent. It allows you to make reasonably accurate predictions for the NBA.
  • Low limits and odds for European competitions. Unlike NBA matches, European Cup and Championship matches usually offer modest upper betting limits; the odds are also generally 3 to 5 points lower than the NBA odds.
  • Poor choice of markets. Most bookmakers offer only a couple of markets for basketball matches. Many are completely limited to handicap, total, and primary outcomes.


How to Analyze Basketball Matches Properly

Pre-match analytics of basketball matches is simpler than debriefing in football matches since the lineups in basketball teams are 2-3 times smaller, and teams play more often, so there is always plenty of information about opponents. A few broadcasts of basketball competitions represent some difficulty in some countries. However, the availability of high-speed Internet fully compensates for this minor drawback.

Current Team Form

The specificity of basketball is that there are traditionally much fewer game drops than, for example, in tennis and football. Therefore, it is much easier to track the current form. It also helps that each team plays 2 or 3 matches weekly, which means getting the latest information about their current level and fitness is possible.

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Remember to check out the results of each team's last 5 or 6 matches. Separately, pay attention to the statistics of home and away games: basketball is a sport in which the home court factor is essential and sometimes even decisive, so when analyzing statistics, evaluate the home and away matches separately.

Games History

Also, remember the history of matches between rival teams. The results of the last three or four face-to-face meetings of teams often tell you much more than dozens of live games watched with their participation. But, again, do not forget that the statistics of home and away matches differ significantly in basketball; therefore, it is worth evaluating it differently.

Tournament Position and Motivation

And obviously, we cannot forget about such a key factor as motivation – in such a challenging and strong-willed sport as basketball, motivation is significant. Be sure to evaluate who needs what from the upcoming match. Based on this information, adjust your forecast so you do not bet on an outsider team against an over-motivated opponent.


There are no special secrets to permanent victories in basketball betting. The most important factor is the knowledge of the features of the tournament and competitive analysis of the upcoming confrontations. They lead to success and allow you to always be in the black. However, some nuances help to find events with the highest probability of winning out of many basketball battles. In this article, we have examined the general features of basketball betting so that you can discover this wonderful sport for yourself.

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