The eccentric Pablo Lunati


Argentina offers some of the most entertaining football competitions in the entire world. Right now provides best betting Uganda, and it can be used to wager on the best matches that these tournaments can offer. In this competition, referees are an extra ingredient to these exciting contests.

It is said that a football referee did a great job when he is not the main topic of discussion after a match. However, former Argentine official Pablo Lunati was an example of the exact opposite. The website 1xBet Uganda provides the best betting opportunities on the highly entertaining Argentinian football league.

He was quite a controversial figure. Many people thought that he tried to help River Plate whenever he was the official on their matches. It turned out that those accusations weren’t totally unfounded.

Helping a giant

The 14th of April 2007 is a date that fans from Rosario Central and River Plate will never forget. Punters can make live sport bet – 1xBet also features all matches from these two teams. This contest ended 3-3 with goals scored by:

  • Martín García;
  • Andrés Ríos;
  • Diego Buonanotte;
  • Ronald Raldes;
  • and Radamel Falcao García.

Yet, more important than the result itself was how it was obtained. Rosario was winning 3-2, and the match was about to end. Lunati added 3 minutes of extra time. However, he allowed the match to continue for a significantly longer period. So much so that Radamel Falcao scored the final 3-3, when six minutes had been played. On 1xBet you can make a live sports bet on all these matches that feature dramatic last-minute goals. Obviously, players, coaches and fans from Rosario Central exploded after that.

Huge confessions

Years later, after being retired for a few years already, Lunati himself admitted that he deliberately helped River Plate on a few occasions. He also admitted that what happened in the aforementioned 2007 match was done deliberately, in order to help River to score the 3-3. The website can be visited to wager on this team from smartphones and tablets.

Needless to say, he also admitted that he has always been a huge River Plate fan. Yet, this was not the only confession that came from the former referee after his retirement.

For example, in 2006, Diego Simeone played his final match as a professional player. The referee decided to give a “present” to the now coach in the match. His team, Racing, was already losing a match. However, he decided to award a completely non-existent penalty to the team. He later admitted that he did so in order to allow Simeone to score the last goal of his career, which he did. The 1xBet website can also be used on matches where Simeone is one of the managers.


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