Superstitions in Betting


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Superstitions surround us everywhere. No matter what field a person works in, no matter what he does, he will always be superstitious. Another thing is that some people use omens only in exceptional cases, while others build a model of their behavior depending on the omens.

There’s no better place for a gambling connoisseur to showcase his skills and overcome dyed-in-the-wool superstitions than a decent bookmaker. Betwinner Africa is a best-case scenario for successful betting.

There are also plenty of superstitions in sports — for example, athletes do not shave for several weeks (or even months) before an important tournament.

Newcomers to betting do not immediately succumb to superstition. Usually, some chain of events leads to the construction of the wrong cause-and-effect relationships. For example, a player makes three bets and closely watched the games. Next, he makes two more bets and does not watch the video broadcast of the duels, and the bets lose. The player understands that luck is on his side only in situations where he is watching the game. Of course, there is no correlation here, and it is a coincidence, but it will be difficult to convince the player of this.

More often than not, superstitions had no effect on the result of the bettor's game and only took away his free time, but there are situations where they are overwhelming. For example, a player bets on the victory of one of the teams that loses in the course of the game and at 85 minutes overlaps his entire bank. The bet wins, and the next time he uses the same tactic. If the bet is successful once again, the bettor will be sure as a gun that such tactic directly affects his luck.

Even worse, when even a series of failures does not make the bettor abandon the superstition, which is firmly lodged in his head. A black cat can run across the road 1000 times, and in 999 cases nothing happens, but when the only time an unpleasant incident happens, the person is sure to blame all the sins on the cat and will bypass its neighborhood paths.


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As you can see, superstitions in gambling can be not only harmless but also put a player in the red. That is why every beginner needs to understand that his failures are only his miscalculations. Following these rules will not necessarily bring results, but your chances of success will increase significantly. Every bettor can become successful, the main thing is not to stand still and panic, it’s crucial to be in perennial search of new game strategies.

Superstitions cause a lot of trouble for people in any field of activity. Every bookmaker knows how they are reflected in the result of betting. A few unsuccessful bets and a player loses control, tries to win back, and eventually loses the bank.

Sportsmen are just as emotional as any other people. Of course, they can restrain themselves much better than the average person, but they have much more situations that cause high emotional outbursts. Often the emotions of athletes in sports have a very strong impact on the results.

Very few bettors build their game strategy that relies on superstition, so bookmakers also do not these aspects into account when calculating odds. We cannot say for sure that such bets will necessarily make you filthy rich, but there is a grain of truth in this theory.


Can players rely solely on superstitions?

No, it’s not a major aspect player should rely on. However, superstitions are tight-knit with the sports disciplines.

What superstitions can players have?

There are a plethora of different superstitions regarding major sports disciplines that players can stumble across. Some gamblers may pay attention to the smooth-shaven or the bearded face of a player, some will be confused with the emotional disorders of the players.

Is it alarming?

As a matter of fact, players can have different pre-game superstitions. The fact of the matter is that bettors should do their best to get over them before placing bets.

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