2 Nigerians arrested for stealing from prostitutes: This is how they were stealing from 1 magosha and sell to another magosha


THEY thought they had the perfect scam: steal from different prost_itutes they visited in the evenings, and then sell the stolen goods to other prost_itutes operating in a different part of the city.

But justice finally caught up with Nigerians Semiu Obanla (35) and David Edet (32) who were arrested a hotel at Abule Egba, Lagos on Saturday.

According to Punch, the two were bust after cops traced a stolen cellphone to their hotel room. The suspects, who are both married with kids, allegedly confessed all to the cops. They had become friends a few years ago when they were both involved in smuggling after Edet had failed to get rich off “yahoo-yahoo” (internet fraud). Then in February this year, they cooked up their new plan.

Obanla said: “We agreed to start stealing phones and valuables from our lovers and prostitutes because we usually visit brothels daily for sexual pleasure after work. That night, after drinking at a bar in the Atan area of Ogun State, Edet and I proceeded to negotiate with prostitutes for sexual pleasure. Before approaching them, we planned to steal their valuables.

“The plan was successful. We had two unsuspecting prostitutes who believed we were good customers, but didn’t know our motives. We agreed for N5 000 (about R170) for a night for each of the prostitutes. We paid N3 000 (about R100) for lodging overnight at a nearby motel, which we used regularly.”

In order to avoid suspicion, Edet snuck into the room where Obanla slept next to the sex worker and stole both of their phones.

They then sold the phone for N20 000 (about R680) to another prost_itute in a different part of Lagos.

But their perfect scam backfired in April when Obanla targeted a woman he had made plans with to meet in a bar.

Obanla said: “As usual, Edet and I planned how to steal the lady’s mobile phone and flee the scene. When the lady arrived at the bar where we were waiting for her, Edet and I sat separately to avoid being seen together.

“I purposely used the lady’s phone till the battery was low. I offered to help her charge the phone inside the bar. She agreed and released it to me. I kept the phone in my pocket. I then pretended I was receiving calls and stepped outside the bar from where I fled on a motorcycle and Edet followed me.”

Cops traced the cellphone to their hotel a few weeks later. The two are in custody while they await their trial.

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