Wife catches hubby and side-chick having sex, forces her to do house chores while stark naked

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WHEN the angry wife came home and found her husband’s side-chick in the house, she thought of a very special kind of punishment.

The wife forced the woman to confess and told her she had to pay by doing housework.

First the woman was given a cloth and bucket and told to scrub the floor.


Then she was told to wash the bedding and the blankets – the very same blankets the side-chick had shared with her husband.

“You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean,” said the wife in a video.

The woman is told to say she sleeps around with married men who have kids over and over, while she is being filmed.

The side-chick is standing naked in a bucket of water stomping the bedding. She looks frightened and shaken.

The video was apparently shot in Pretoria, Tshwane, at the weekend and went viral on Monday.

The side-chick is later made to mop up her footprints on the ground with a cloth.

Many on social media thought the wife was unfair.

“Where is the husband? She did not cheat alone,” many of them commented.

Others said this would warn other side-chicks not to mess with other people’s husbands.

The action of the one who was filming had women up in arms.

“Why would one woman humiliate another woman like that?” asked one woman on Facebook.

Juks Afrika wrote: “The lady taking the video is a pure devil and dumb.”

Toni Beckford wrote: “Where is the husband? Is he not the one who made the advances on this other woman? He’s the one who made vows to his woman and broke them.

Mgijimi wa Mgidi wrote: “I’m sure home-wreckers will think twice before entering another woman’s house.”

– Dailysun

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