Power-hungry Jacob Zuma's daughter, Duduzile wrecks havoc in MK Party, fires senior members willy-nilly


The uMkhonto we Sizwe Party (MK Party), the political organisation founded by former president Jacob Zuma, is embroiled in a bitter power struggle, with accusations levelled at Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, the former president's daughter, of using her influence to purge high-ranking members.

Zuma-Sambudla, who was recently sworn in as a Member of Parliament, is accused of wielding her father's legacy to eliminate perceived threats to her own ambitions within the party.

“Duduzile is running amok, using Zuma’s name to deal with all the people she believes are a threat to her. She doesn’t care who those people are and how they got into MK. She is causing chaos, and her behaviour is undesirable and out of order,” a senior party insider told Sunday World.

The party insider's statement reflects a growing sentiment within the MK Party, where unease and discontent are simmering beneath the surface. The recent removal of Secretary-General Arthur Zwane and Treasurer-General Danisa Zulu, replaced by Sifiso Maseko and Menzi Magubane respectively, has further fuelled these tensions.

"If Zuma steps down or whatever situation, this party will go down with him. He is the foundation and glue that is holding the party together and if he steps down, all hell will break loose," the insider added, highlighting the precarious position of the party and its reliance on Zuma's continued presence.

The internal turmoil extends beyond the top leadership. Volunteers who played a crucial role in the party's campaign for the May elections feel betrayed, having been sidelined in favour of individuals who did not participate in the campaign.

One such individual is former judge John Hlophe, who is now the MK Party's parliamentary leader. Despite not being involved in the election campaign, Hlophe now occupies a prominent position in the party's caucus. This has led to accusations of unfairness and a disregard for the contributions of those who worked tirelessly for the party's success.

"There are people who are trying to discredit President Zuma and Duduzile. We know who they are and have been monitoring them closely. They are trying by all means to usurp power as infiltrators in the MK Party. Their plan will not work," said MK Party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela, dismissing the accusations as a ploy by disgruntled individuals.

However, the accusations against Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla are not limited to vague pronouncements. Soweto businessman and president of the AAAM political party, Bishop Sophonia Tsekedi, who was number three on the MK Party's list for parliament, was expelled from the party.

"Tsekedi was expelled despite his party AAAM having been among the first parties to endorse Zuma and MK Party," revealed an insider within the party's high ranks.

These expulsions and removals are attributed to a culture of gossip and paranoia within the MK Party, allegedly fuelled by Zuma-Sambudla to manipulate her father into removing her opponents.

"Dudu saw a clause in the constitution that says if the president is not around, the secretary-general takes control. So, she decided to pin it on Zwane, saying he inserted that clause because he wants to take over the organisation," alleged another MK mole.

"But where is the logic in that because Arthur did not draft that constitution alone? There were other people, and everything was done on consensus. And, someone is influencing Dudu because that lady does not read, someone said, ‘zoom into this clause, they want to take your father’s party.’ And she went running to her father saying the SG wants to stage a coup."

The mole's accusations paint a picture of a young woman wielding her father's power, potentially using misinformation to secure her own position within the party. This is further corroborated by the alleged involvement of the MK Business Movement, chaired by Menzi Magubane, who was recently appointed as the party's treasurer-general.

"This girl has crushed anyone in her path and her rise from nowhere to the power she has amassed now has been a success and the only thing remaining is for her to capture the highest office in the organisation. She is good. Just think about it, she controls the purse of the MK, controls the purse of the MK Business Movement, collapsed a strong SG in commander Zwane and she is now a member of PAP (Pan African Parliament). So, who will contest her going forward when she says she wants to become president? She has played her game very well, she’s in charge and everything is about her."

The insider's words suggest a calculated and ruthless strategy employed by Zuma-Sambudla to consolidate her power within the party. This strategy is further evidenced by the alleged manipulation of party structures, with the postponement of the party's conference until 2029.

"She is in fact behind the lack of elected structures because having structures will clip her wings and her proximity to daddy. The worst of everything is that a disturbing resolution that came out of the strategic meeting that was held in Limpopo says the conference might not be held until 2029," said one of Zuma-Sambudla's alleged victims.

The accusations extend beyond the national level, with allegations of manipulation in provincial legislatures, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal, a region considered crucial to Zuma-Sambudla's ambitions.

Nhlanhla Ngidi, the former KwaZulu-Natal government director-general and the MK Party's provincial coordinator, was removed from his position and subsequently from the party's list for the legislature. In a voice note, Ngidi alleged that he was removed unfairly, accusing Zuma-Sambudla of using fabricated accusations of espionage against him.

"What happened to me really hurt me. I was first removed as a co-ordinator without reason. There were rumours that I am accused of being an ANC spy and that Zweli Mkhize bought me a Mercedez Benz. I have never been with Zweli Mkhize for over a year now. Others say that I have been getting R300 000 a month to spy on MK for ANC. I flatly reject that. I became a coordinator because Nxamalala (Zuma) asked me after he called me to Nkandla. Now, when I am being dealt with, he doesn’t call me anymore and I find no protection from him."

Zuma-Sambudla has not responded to the accusations levelled against her. The MK Party, however, maintains that these accusations are part of a campaign to discredit the party and its leadership.

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