Disciplinary action for Lindiwe Sisulu and ANC NEC members who blast Ramaphosa for working with DA to form a GNU


Tensions are rising within the African National Congress (ANC) as members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) face severe consequences for their opposition to the proposed Government of National Unity (GNU) involving the Democratic Alliance (DA). The ANC, known for its internal power struggles, is now grappling with dissent within its own ranks.

President Cyril Ramaphosa's call for political parties to unite and set aside their differences in order to address pressing national issues has sparked a fierce debate within the ANC. Last Thursday, the ANC NEC convened in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni, where the proposal for the GNU was met with mixed reactions.

While the NEC favored a more cautious approach to the potential coalition with the DA, some members expressed their vehement opposition. One NEC member, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated, "We can't support the ANC-DA thing, imagine! These people do not want us, and now we have to be in bed with them? This is just gambling with the lives of South Africans."

These dissenting voices have not been well received by the party leadership, with warnings of severe consequences for those who go against the ANC's position on the GNU. ANC spokesperson Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri reaffirmed President Ramaphosa's statements, emphasizing that they reflect the unanimous decision of the ANC NEC.

However, it is ANC heavyweight and NEC member Lindiwe Sisulu who has emerged as a prominent critic of the proposed ANC-DA partnership. Sisulu vehemently opposes the coalition, arguing that it would be a betrayal of the struggle heroes who fought for the ANC's principles. In her impassioned statement, she declared that such a partnership would be "spitting on the graves of dead heroes of the Struggle."

Interestingly, the ANC's alliance partners and ordinary members have also expressed concerns about the potential coalition government with the DA. The South African Communist Party (SACP), while open to a government of national unity, has made it clear that the DA should not be included. A SACP representative stated, "We support the minority government with GNU features without the role of DA-led forces. We are clearer about our position on coalitions."

As the ANC and its members navigate these treacherous waters, negotiations behind closed doors are intensifying. Party leaders are engaged in high-stakes discussions with the ANC to find a way forward and establish a stable government. The ANC's ability to manage this internal division will undoubtedly affect the party's standing and its ability to effectively govern.

The ANC has a history of taking decisive action against members who deviate from the party line, and it remains to be seen how this current dissent will be handled. With the ANC-DA GNU proposal on the table, the party faces a critical juncture that will shape the future of South African politics.

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