Never see me, never ask to meet me, you're not a leader, I don't respect you: Zuma blasts Ramaphosa (WATCH FULL VIDEO)


The African National Congress (ANC) finds itself at a critical juncture as former President Jacob Zuma launches scathing remarks against current President Cyril Ramaphosa. In a stunning turn of events, Zuma accuses Ramaphosa of misleading the ANC, asserting that he is not a true leader worthy of respect. As the ruling party grapples with falling below the 50% mark at the polls and seeks to maintain its grip on power through coalitions, these internal divisions add further complexity to an already tumultuous political landscape.

Since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, the ANC has been the dominant political force, securing majority support from voters. However, the recent general elections marked a turning point, as the party slipped below the 50% mark for the first time in history. This unprecedented challenge to the ANC's authority has forced it to seek alliances with other parties to sustain its position in government.

Enter Jacob Zuma, a divisive figure within the ANC, who has not shied away from expressing his discontent with the current leadership. Zuma, who served as South Africa's president from 2009 to 2018, has embarked on a mission to reclaim influence within the ANC by forming his own political party. In a recent interview, Zuma made his sentiments towards Ramaphosa abundantly clear, stating, "I am a very sweet person – if I was fighting him, I wouldn't be sweet. He wouldn't be where he is."

The animosity between Zuma and Ramaphosa is rooted in the latter's rise to power within the ANC. Ramaphosa's ascent to the presidency has caused significant friction within the party, leading Zuma to take drastic measures to regain control. While Zuma maintains that he harbors no personal ill will towards Ramaphosa, his bitterness becomes apparent when discussing his own departure from the Union Buildings in 2018. Zuma's sharp words resonate, as he challenges Ramaphosa's leadership abilities, stating, "You are not a leader – I don't respect him."

“Never meet me, I said never ask to see me, I said it in a meeting of the officials, top six, because you have disappointed me. You are not a leader – I don’t respect him,” Zuma told Ramaphosa.

The clash between Zuma and Ramaphosa serves as a microcosm of the larger power struggles within the ANC. These internal divisions have far-reaching implications for the party and South African politics as a whole. The ANC's reliance on coalitions to retain power underscores the shifting dynamics within the political landscape, with each faction vying for influence and control.

As the nation watches these developments unfold, it is important to consider the potential consequences of the ANC's internal strife. The party's ability to govern effectively and address the pressing challenges facing South Africa may be hindered by these divisions. The delicate balance of power within the ANC hangs in the balance, and the decisions made by its leaders will shape the country's future.

Zuma's assertions also raise questions about the impact of his ongoing battle with the ANC on South Africa as a whole. While he denies that his actions will have a detrimental effect on the country, the tension between Zuma and the ruling party cannot be ignored. As political maneuvering and power plays intensify, the potential ramifications for the nation's stability and progress remain uncertain.

The ANC, once a beacon of hope and unity, now finds itself grappling with internal discord. The accusations leveled by Zuma against Ramaphosa only add fuel to the fire, further fracturing the party's unity. As South Africa navigates these uncharted waters, the nation awaits answers to pressing questions about the ANC's future direction and the impact of these divisions on the country's political landscape.

The coming months will undoubtedly be crucial for the ANC and its leadership. The decisions made in this period will shape the trajectory of the party and determine its ability to address the needs and aspirations of the South African people. As the nation eagerly watches the unfolding drama, the ANC must confront its internal challenges and find a way forward that restores confidence and stability.

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