Total chaos in ANC as senior officials reject DA deal: We want to form a government with Malema's EFF


The African National Congress (ANC) is finding itself in a political quagmire as it navigates the treacherous waters of post-election coalition talks. While the party had been eyeing a deal with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), it now faces resistance from within its own ranks and from its allies who are pushing for a surprising tie-up with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

According to our sources within the ANC's inner circle, the proposed arrangement to form a government between the ANC, DA and IFP has encountered staunch opposition from various party structures and allies. "There is a growing sentiment that the ANC should instead explore a coalition with the EFF. Many feel the DA deal is a betrayal of the party's core values and principles," confided a senior ANC official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Sources close to the matter reveal that ANC insiders and influential party members have expressed reservations about aligning with the DA. They argue that such a coalition could potentially dilute the ANC's core principles and erode the party's long-standing support base. These dissenting voices within the ANC fear that a partnership with the DA could lead to a loss of identity and alienate the party's traditional voter demographic, which has been the backbone of its electoral success for decades.

Simultaneously, the EFF has emerged as a formidable alternative for ANC allies seeking a more aligned partnership. The EFF's radical policies and populist appeal have garnered significant support, particularly among disenfranchised South Africans who are eager for economic transformation and land reform. ANC allies believe that joining forces with the EFF could rejuvenate their political agenda and resonate with a broader base of supporters.

Intriguingly, as the coalition talks gather momentum, there are whispers of potential Cabinet posts being offered to smaller parties involved in the negotiations. This development has sparked intense speculation and behind-the-scenes maneuvering, as various political players jockey for positions of influence and power.

Although specific details regarding the allocation of Cabinet positions remain undisclosed at this stage, the inclusion of smaller parties in the potential government formation appears to be a strategic move to ensure a diverse and representative leadership structure. This approach aims to reflect the multiplicity of voices and interests within South African society, thereby fostering a more inclusive and participatory governance model.

However, critics argue that expanding the coalition to accommodate smaller parties might lead to a fragmented government and the dilution of policy coherence. They express concerns that the inclusion of multiple parties with divergent ideologies could result in policy compromises that may not effectively address the nation's pressing challenges.

The ANC's coalition talks take place against the backdrop of the 2024 elections, which are expected to be highly contested. Political parties are grappling with the complex task of forging alliances and consolidating their support bases in order to secure power and influence in the post-election landscape. As the negotiations unfold, the political dynamics are likely to intensify, with each party vying to strike the most advantageous alliances and secure a prominent role in shaping South Africa's future.

The outcome of these coalition talks will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of South African politics and have far-reaching implications for the country's governance. As the ANC faces backlash over its potential partnership with the DA, and allies lean towards the EFF, the upcoming NEC meeting will serve as a critical juncture for decision-making. Ultimately, the ANC's ability to navigate these delicate negotiations and manage internal dissent will determine its future path and influence in the political arena.

As the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the ANC's coalition talks, one can only speculate about the potential ramifications and surprises that lie ahead. The political landscape is bound to witness unprecedented shifts and power realignments, making the 2024 elections a truly defining moment in South Africa's democratic journey.

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