Julius Malema's 2 non-negotiable demands to Ramaphosa: Give Ministry of Finance and Speaker of Parliament to EFF


JOHANNESBURG – The post-election power struggles in South Africa have taken a dramatic turn, with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and its firebrand leader, Julius Malema, making bold demands ahead of coalition negotiations.

"This is the kind of high-stakes political drama that our readers can't get enough of," says Celeb Gossip News veteran journalist Thando Ndlovu. "Malema is flexing his muscles, and he's making it clear that the EFF will be a force to be reckoned with in the new political landscape."

According to Malema, the EFF has two non-negotiable demands: the position of Finance Minister and the coveted role of Speaker of the National Assembly. And the party's deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, is poised to take on the finance portfolio.

"Floyd will be a minister of finance if these people agree because he's the most qualified in all respects," Malema declared. "None of the people they have put there have a better understanding of that institution than Floyd."

Malema stressed that the new speaker must be from the EFF and must possess unwavering integrity. The party views this demand as crucial to ensuring transparency and holding the ruling party accountable. Malema stated, "If the ANC is running the executive, we have to have an EFF speaker, so we monitor them and make them accountable."

In addition to the speaker position, Malema firmly endorsed Floyd Shivambu, the EFF's deputy president, as the most qualified candidate for the finance portfolio. Malema highlighted Shivambu's exceptional understanding of the financial institution and expressed confidence in his ability to lead the ministry effectively. "Floyd will be the Minister of Finance if these people agree because he's the most qualified in all respects," Malema asserted.

Malema extended an olive branch to the newly emerged uMkhonto weSizwe Party, acknowledging their success in unseating the ANC. He emphasized that the EFF and the uMkhonto weSizwe Party were related and expressed a willingness to work with the ANC in a coalition government. Malema acknowledged the ANC's bruised state and stressed that arrogance should not hinder collaboration. "EFF and MK, we are one thing, there is absolutely no crisis," he affirmed.

The EFF's negotiation principles, inspired by the party's seven cardinal pillars, reflect their vision for a transformed South Africa. These principles include achieving economic freedom in their lifetime, ensuring timely service delivery commitments such as land redistribution, job creation, and improved infrastructure, and combating racism and African anti-imperialism.

Malema emphasized that the EFF's demands would be published to dispel any notion of secret arrangements. Among the party's extensive list of demands are constitutional amendments to enable land expropriation without compensation, the creation of a state-owned bank within six months, nationalization of the South African Reserve Bank, cancellation of historical student debt within a year, and the establishment of a state pharmaceutical company within the same timeframe.

Furthermore, if the EFF assumes a co-government role, they will advocate for the removal of the apartheid-era anthem, "Die Stem," from the national anthem, signaling a symbolic break from South Africa's divisive past.

Malema made it clear that the EFF would engage with political parties that share their principles and demands while upholding their commitment to transparency and integrity. "We are not desperate for positions and will not sacrifice principle on the altar of political convenience," he affirmed.

As the negotiations continue, South Africa eagerly awaits the outcome, as the EFF's demands shape the landscape of the country's future governance. Will the ANC and other parties acquiesce to the EFF's demands? How will these negotiations impact the nation's trajectory? Only time will reveal the answers to these questions, and Celeb Gossip News will be at the forefront, providing exclusive coverage as the political landscape evolves.

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