Man who started deadly Joburg fire that claimed 76 lives confesses


Witness Testifies: He Started Deadly Usindiso Building Fire to Conceal Murder

In a shocking revelation during the Commission of Inquiry into the Usindiso building fire, an unidentified witness, referred to as Mr X, confessed that he intentionally started the blaze that tragically claimed the lives of 76 people. Testifying voluntarily behind closed doors, Mr X claimed that he set the fire in an attempt to cover up a murder he had committed.

According to the witness, the incident took place on August 31, 2023, when he worked for a Tanzanian drug lord operating on one of the building's floors. Mr X explained that his association with the drug dealer began when he became a frequent buyer of narcotics from him as he was a drug addict.

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On the fateful day, the drug lord brought a man, whose identity was concealed with a sack, to the "slaughterhouse" on the ground floor of the building. Mr X testified that he assaulted and later strangled the victim. The drug lord then instructed him to complete what he had started before leaving the premises. Mr X returned to the "slaughterhouse," removed the sack, and was shocked to recognize the victim.

In his testimony, Mr X admitted to strangling the man to death. He then acquired petrol from a nearby filling station, doused the deceased's body with it, and ignited a match, leading to the spread of the fire throughout the building, resulting in the tragic loss of 76 lives.

Human rights activist Andy Chinnah described Mr X's testimony as shocking and incriminating. Chinnah emphasized the need to cross-examine the witness and called for further investigation into the rapid spread of the fire. However, the inquiry's evidence leader, Ishmael Semenya, stated that the evidence presented during the inquiry was deemed inadmissible.

Chinnah criticized the City of Joburg, asserting that they should take responsibility as the building owners. He expressed hope that the commission would hold the City accountable for the events that transpired.

While Mr X's testimony has raised significant questions and implications, further legal proceedings and investigations are required to determine the veracity of his claims and the full extent of his involvement in the tragic incident.

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