LEAKED AUDIO: Angry Zahara Fights from the Grave: Misfortunes Follow DJ Sbu, TK, and Nhlanhla Nciza


Zahara Claims DJ Sbu and TK Nciza Still Owe Her Money Despite Denials: Audio Recording Surfaces

In the midst of the ongoing dispute over outstanding debts between musician Zahara and businessman DJ Sbu (Sbu Leope) and his former partner at TS Records, TK Nciza, a recorded clip has emerged where Zahara emphatically states that they still owe her money.

In a recorded clip, Zahara said that DJ Sbu, whose real name is Sbu Leope, TK Nciza and his ex-wife and Mafikizolo group member Nhlanhla Mafu still owed her money. Zahara revealed that they have not fulfilled their financial obligations to her. Adding to her grievances, Zahara is heard cursing the trio, suggesting that any misfortune they may be experiencing is a result of divine intervention.

"Whatever bad that is happening in their lives is because Jesus is dealing with them decisively"

However, the newly surfaced recording contradicts DJ Sbu's claims, Zahara is overheard in the recorded clip, in conversation with a friend, saying they are still owing her money. "Do you know Dj Sbu? Sbu who owns TS Records, he's now busy hugging trees. They owe me. On the other hand, TK's fiance went back to her old boyfriend. He now has swollen feet. Nhlanhla is having a hearing problem. Jesus is dealing with them decisively," Zahara said in the recording.

She specifically mentions DJ Sbu, TS Records, and alleges that they have not fulfilled their financial obligations.

Following the funeral, DJ Sbu was interviewed by Newzroom Afrika and denied the allegations of owing Zahara money. He stated that measures were taken to ensure Zahara received her royalties directly through Sheer Music Publishing and that Universal Music distributed funds from their music catalogue to her. DJ Sbu emphasized his own work ethic and denied any outstanding debts.

"We made sure that she owns her own publishing, which she did with Sheer Music Publishing. Sheer paid her royalties directly into her bank account and they've done so ever since we've been working together. And also, with our music catalogue – Universal Music, we also made sure instead of Universal Music paying TS Records, that they would distribute the funds to her. I am my own man; I know how to make my own money. I am a hard worker. The only thing I've ever done was to contribute and help her succeed. The story that was out there that we were owing monies is false," he said.

When contacted for comment, TK dismissed Zahara's allegations as baseless and refused to engage further, questioning why Zahara would have knowledge of his personal life.

"Why would Zahara know anything about my life? I wouldn't justify this nonsense with an answer," he concluded.

Listen to audio here:

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