'South Africa will soon be like Zimbabwe'


The ruling party is destroying the economy through its grandstanding regarding land expropriation without compensation.

This is a useless exercise.

Now the meaning of constitutional democracy is being changed to lawlessness.

This was done in Zimbabwe and it never worked. The only thing it did was to drive the majority of Zimbabweans into the diaspora.

Could it be that the ANC was circumcised by the EFF to be man enough?

I’m saying this because the ANC shot down the motion last year when the EFF tabled it. But now that we’re heading for the elections, the ruling party wants to appear revolutionary.

US President Donald Trump made a mockery of Africans with his “shithole” comment, and he was correct.

Proper sanitation only exists in former whites-only towns and cities. The government built shitholes in villages and called them toilets.

If they dispute this, let them bring their diplomats to come and use these shitholes.

Letter from ~ Solani Mashimbye, Waterval Elim.

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