Prophet Mboro chased from Bokgabo Poo's funeral after asking family to forgive his killer spiritual son


He's been accused of trying to protect the image of his church and using the recently murdered Bokgabo Poo (4) to do it.

When he went to visit the victim's family, he was chased away.

They didn't want him anywhere near them because he had allegedly asked them to forgive the accused, Ntokozo Zikhali, because he was his spiritual son.

But Paseka “Prophet Mboro” Motsoeneng of the Incredible Happening Ministries sings a different tune when he chats to Drum

He says he went to offer his condolences after various church members sent him messages and told him about the tragedy, which involved a former member of his church.

According to a family friend and spiritual adviser of Bokgabo's family, Father Themba Seya, the mother had just identified her daughter’s body when a certain prophet came to the family home and allegedly asked the family to forgive Ntokozo Zikhali (30) because he is his spiritual son.

“This person belongs to a certain church and the priest came to the family’s home last week, hence the family chased him away because whatever he says in public is different from what he told the family."

Inside the house, he wanted a one-on-one sit down with the mother and told the mother that the boy is his spiritual son, and she must forgive him because he is not the real culprit, the family wants him to tell them who the real culprit is. We want this priest to tell us the truth.”

Father Themba alleges that the priest told the family that his church is collapsing because this family no longer worships with them. The pastor was then asked to leave and he told the community a different story, Father Themba says, without mentioning Mboro by name.

“From day one, we have been involved in supporting the family because this matter is hurting, and we are overwhelmed by what is happening. It is very disappointing, and I can see that the family is hurt as well as the community. The perpetrator is not remorseful. The family is not in a good state now.”

He says the family wants answers regarding the child's missing body parts.

Meanwhile, Mboro says the reason he went to the family home was because people from his church sent him messages about a missing girl and told him the guy who was last seen with her was a member of his church. They were concerned.

He says he went to the family to offer his condolences, but Bokgabo’s grandmother chased him away because they thought the guy was still a member of his church.

“This boy was not a member of the church. His parents brought him to church because he was accused of rape and other illegal things, and they wanted the priest to pray to make [sure] that their child doesn’t go to jail because of the allegations.

"When I saw the story of Bokgabo, I was shocked and thought to myself that since she is missing, she might not come back alive because it is not the first time this guy is accused of something like this.”

He says when it was reported that Bokgabo was dead, they prayed as a church.

“I went to the family’s house to sympathise mostly because the parents of the suspect were once members of our church, but they left in April and the reason why they left is that I talked with the mother. I told her that her boy is a monster, anyone can see even his eyes are scary.

"I don’t normally call people monsters, but I told them that he needs to be saved, and the best thing for him is to go to jail so that everyone around him could be safe. We will pray for him while he is inside prison.”

He says he told Ntokozo’s parents what he saw when he prayed in October last year. "I have been nothing but a priest, and I have to welcome everyone who comes to my church," he says.

“This year around my birthday one of the church members called this boy to the side and told him to stop being too familiar with the kids from church, and that should anything happen to the kids, we will deal with him. That was the last time he came to my church and he has never come back since. His family also left and joined another church,” says a furious Mboro.

“As a priest I welcome everybody, it is my duty to rehabilitate but I do not condone such behaviour, that is why they left. I don’t want to be misrepresented, so I explained that the cause of such deaths can be spiritual and offered my support. That is how Bokgabo’s mother invited me to come to their home, but the grandmother was not happy with my presence, they allowed me to pray and then I left when I was asked to leave.”

He says he hopes Ntokozo won't get bail.

“Instead of focusing on the matter at hand, a little girl died at the hands of this boy and now the whole thing is diverted to me. I am not associated with this boy’s family.

"What hurts me is that I told the family that this boy will continue to do these disgusting things and what I warned them about is continuing. I wanted to support the family.

"If they choose who they want support from, it is fine I am excluding myself on this matter because it is not about me.”

– Drum

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