They all dump me after one round of sex – Woman with cursed vag1na cries for help


She regrets betraying her best friend and her punani is paying the price.

This after she poked her best friend’s boyfriend in early February. The 31-year-old from Vlaklaagte in Mpumalanga told Daily Sun she met the boyfriend at a house party. “We immediately bonded and had a lot to drink,” she said.

“We found a room and poked. We slept there all night, and when we came out everyone knew what had happened.

But before I could deal with getting caught my friend called and confronted me.”

The woman apologised but her friend didn’t want to hear it.
“She told me I’ll regret sleeping with her man. She said she’d go to the strongest sangoma.”

But she didn’t take this to heart. A week later her boyfriend dumped her.

“He said he needed to figure things out,” she said.

Two weeks later the woman moved on with a new boyfriend. They were happy until they poked.

“He also told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore,” she said.

“I then met someone younger and we had a great time.

“But he stopped talking to me and blocked my calls.”

The woman then asked her friend if she’d seen a sangoma.

“She laughed and said I complained too early, then hung up.

“I decided to try again with another guy and the results were the same. I stopped hooking up with men.”

Even though she believes her friend did something to her, the woman hasn’t been to a sangoma.

Daily Sun spoke to the friend (33), who said she had nothing to do with what her friend was going through.

“I’m actually happy she’s going through this. Why does she expect to continue living her best life after she betrayed me? I hope she doesn’t find help,” she said.

One of the men who left the woman said he loved her but felt bored after they poked.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the woman was definitely cursed and no man would stick around until she was cleansed.

The boyfriend the woman slept with said it was a moment of weakness and shouldn’t have happened.

He said he regretted what he did, but he was in a good place with his girlfriend.

– Dailysun

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