Zodwa Wabantu's punani photos break the internet: "My body is my source of income"


In the world of Zodwa Wabantu, there is never a dull moment. The audacious and fearless exotic dancer has once again managed to captivate the internet with her daring antics. However, this time, it's not just her captivating dance moves that have everyone talking; it's her punani that has set social media ablaze.

The 38-year-old sensation from Soweto is renowned for pushing boundaries and breaking societal norms. Her latest punani photos, which have gone viral on various social media platforms, showcase Zodwa Libram in her element, performing on stage adorned with sangoma beads, a black bra, and a tantalizing G-string. The punani images have left men in a frenzy, with one even caught with his head buried between her thighs.

As expected, opinions about Zodwa Wabantu's performance have been divided. While some critics have been quick to condemn her, she remains unfazed. Zodwa unapologetically defends her provocative stage presence, asserting that it is her means of putting food on the table.

"When I'm on stage, I make sure to deliver. I live my life on my own terms. As long as it adds something to my bank balance, I'm fine with it," Zodwa defiantly stated.

For the vivacious entertainer, trending on social media is a testament to her success. Zodwa firmly believes that the buzz generated by her performances indicates that she is doing something right, with even her ancestors approving of her choices.

"The constant bookings I receive prove that I'm making waves. People talk when I entertain. After all, dogs only bark at a moving car. My body is my source of income, and everyone needs to understand that," Zodwa passionately explained.

Acknowledging the criticism she faces, particularly from fellow sangomas, Zodwa emphasizes that each individual has their own ancestral connections and beliefs. According to her, her ancestors fully comprehend her line of work and are the very ones who bless her with financial prosperity.

"We all have different ancestors. My ancestors understand my job and support me. They are the ones who bring me money. If they disapproved of my actions, they would not allow me to continue. They have granted me permission to utilize my body as a means of livelihood, and nobody can challenge that," Zodwa confidently asserted.

Recently, Zodwa graced the stage at The Grand Cafe in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, where she was booked for a surprise performance. The cafe's manager, Nkululeko Dlamini, expressed utmost satisfaction with Zodwa's showmanship, stating that she delivered exactly what they had paid for.

"She fulfilled our expectations by entertaining, particularly the male audience. Her performance was top-notch, and everything went smoothly," Nkululeko commended.

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality and entertainer who has gained significant attention and popularity for her unique and unconventional approach to her career. Born Zodwa Libram, she is often referred to by her stage name, Zodwa Wabantu.

Zodwa Wabantu first rose to prominence as a dancer and performer in the Durban entertainment scene. She gained widespread recognition for her energetic and provocative dance moves, which often involve her signature move of performing without wearing underwear. Her bold and unapologetic attitude quickly captured the attention of the public and media alike.

Wabantu has become known for her distinctive and controversial fashion choices, often opting for revealing outfits that challenge societal norms and expectations. Her daring fashion sense, combined with her charismatic personality, has made her a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

Aside from her dancing, Wabantu has expanded her career to include various endeavors. She has appeared on television shows, both as a guest and as a participant, and she has also ventured into acting. Additionally, she has made appearances at numerous events, parties, and music festivals as a featured performer or guest host.

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