Basetsana Kumalo's production company falls on hard times


Connect TV, a prominent South African production company owned by Basetsana Khumalo and Clifford Elk, is reportedly grappling with financial difficulties and fighting to stay afloat. Former staff members have confirmed that the company is currently facing significant challenges and has lost several of its shows, marking a downturn from its successful track record.

Connect TV's Past Successes and Current Situation:

Connect TV has enjoyed a reputation for producing some of South Africa's top television shows. In its prime, the company brought popular programs to screens across the nation, including Utatakho, Date My Family, Becoming, Cheeky Palette, Pastor Wants A Wife, Saving Our Marriage, KFC Taste Kitchen, Sifn' Ukwazi, and Wang Verstana. However, insiders who have since left the company have revealed that Connect TV is now in a state of decline.

According to sources, the production company is facing severe financial difficulties, resulting in staff layoffs and a lack of active shows. One insider disclosed that Connect TV has experienced significant financial strain, leading to the release of several employees, including themselves. The company's financial situation is described as dire, with some sources even suggesting that it is broke.

"They are going through some serious financial difficulties. They have had to let go of some of their staff members, including myself," a source reveals. "It's been tough. To be harsh, I could say they are broke."

The insider further disclosed that Connect TV's latest production, Married At First Sight, had to be put on hold due to money issues. Originally intended to air in November 2023, the show's premiere has been delayed, with no promotional material released. During the production process, financial problems emerged, forcing the team to relocate from a beach house shoot to Johannesburg. The production company has been tight-lipped about these challenges, leaving many details undisclosed.

Relocation and Downsizing Efforts:

After months of grappling with financial challenges, Connect TV has made the decision to relocate from its Milpark offices to Red Pepper Studios in Linden, Johannesburg. The move was necessitated by rental issues, and downsizing was undertaken to preserve the company's existence. The insider cited tough financial times and intense competition in the industry as contributing factors to the situation faced by Connect TV.

Attempts to reach Basetsana Khumalo and Clifford Elk, the founders of Connect TV, have been unsuccessful, leaving the current status of the company and their plans for the future uncertain.


Connect TV, once known for producing some of South Africa's most popular television shows, is currently facing financial struggles and the loss of its programs. Former employees have confirmed the company's dire situation, including staff layoffs and the absence of active shows. Connect TV's latest production, Married At First Sight, has faced delays and financial hurdles. The production company has relocated to Red Pepper Studios in Johannesburg in an effort to address financial challenges and downsize operations. As the situation unfolds, the future of Connect TV remains uncertain, and industry observers are watching closely for further developments.

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