S Club 7 Have Announced Their Reunion Tour. What Have They Been Up to Since Splitting?


Any 90s kid in the UK remembers dancing to S Club 7’s “Reach” at the school disco. Their era of cheesy pop provided many of the anthems that millennials now associate with their childhood.

Forming in 1998, the S Club 7 consisted of seven members (hence the name), but they ultimately parted ways in 2003. They did a reunion tour in 2015, but it didn’t look like another one was going to happen – until early 2023, when several reunion dates were announced.

They’ll be gracing several cities around the UK in October 2023, where they’ll be performing classics like Bring it All Back and Two in a Million. But what have they been up to since the split? Here’s a look at all seven of them!

S Club 7 members – what they’ve been up to!

Hannah Spearritt

One of the lead vocalists of the group, Hannah Spearritt, made headlines recently as she mentioned how she and her family were made homeless last Christmas, discussing how the money from being in S Club 7 ran out, and how they were never paid a sustainable amount that would set them up for the rest of their lives.

Financial reasons – not just for Hannah but for the whole group– could be one reason for S Club 7 announcing their reunion tour. Since S Club 7 split, Hannah pursued a career in acting. She has appeared in various television shows, including Primeval and EastEnders as Kandice Taylor.

Bradley McIntosh

Bradley McIntosh was the rapper and backing vocalist of the group. Along with Jo and Paul, two other S Club 7 stars, he formed S Club Allstars (also known as S Club 3), when they performed at festivals and concerts.

He attempted a solo career but wasn’t able to secure a record label; instead, he partook in the reality series Totally Boyband and became part of another band called Upper Street.

Jon Lee

Jon Lee was one of the leading vocalists and the youngest member of S Club 7. Jon’s focused on acting in the West End, having roles in Jersey Boys and Les Miserables, and once even being Prince Charming in Cinderella! He’s also done some voiceover work, when he voiced Max on the Disney Channel’s show Famous 5: On the Case.

He’s also acted in Casualty and produced one solo album called Fallen Angel.

Jo O'Meara

Jo O'Meara was the lead vocalist of the group and became part of S Club 3 when it was reformed. She also dabbled in solo producing, with some people claiming she’d be “the next Christina Aguilera.” However, her solo career never took off as well as S Club 7’s tracks. She was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 but has recently focused more on her family life. O'Meara has a son, Lenny Slate, who was born in 2008.

The singer has also struggled with gambling addiction throughout her life, telling the world at one point that “[she] was a young girl in a very successful pop group and [she] had a thing for fruit machines.” She’s also spoken out about how society treats people with gambling addictions, claiming that there are too many taboos in common culture, that there’s a general lack of empathy toward the addiction and that friends and family should support problem gamblers more.

Rachel Stevens

One of the lead vocalists of the group, Rachel Stevens, has pursued a career in both music and television since the band split. She perhaps had the most successful solo career out of everyone in the group, releasing singles like Sweet Dreams my LA Ex.

She has also appeared on various reality shows, including Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and Celebrity MasterChef in 2017. She had two children in 2010 and 2013, although she broke up with her husband in 2022.

Tina Barrett

The backing vocalist of the group, Tina Barrett, was the only S Club 7 star to have had musical fame before the formation of the band – she was part of the girlband Mis-Teeq.

Tina released a single Fire, and promised a debut album, although it never materialized. She also ultimately joined Paul, Bradley and Jo in S Club 3, which then became S Club Party.

Paul Cattermole

After S Club 7’s split, Paul Cattermole formed a nu-metal band called Skua, which was meant to be similar to Rage Against the Machine. However, they failed to secure a record label and ended up splitting up, although they reformed briefly in 2014.

He also joined S Club 3 with Jo and Bradley. In more recent years, he’s been part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and has worked in Swanage at a community radio.

S Club 7 are back again!

Since S Club 7’s split, most members have focused on acting and solo work, with varying levels of success! However, there’s no doubt that their new tour will be incredibly successful – they’ve already added extra dates due to interest – and S Club 7 fever may carry on going for years to come!

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