#UthandoNesthembu: Black Twitter blasts Sne over her behavior, 'That girl just loves sex, period'!


Having a loving family like the Mseleku's and a father who is just as caring and understanding like Musa Mseleku is a great blessing on its own. So when you are a child like Sne who does the opposite of what her parents would want her to be, it is quite disappointing and makes her come across as an ungrateful and disrespectful daughter.

Sne, who is Musa Mseleku's first child from a previous relationship angered some viewers on Thursday night's episode when it came to light that she now has a second child that she did not reveal accordingly to the Mseleku family according to Zulu tradition.

Sne, who is seemingly dealing with a lot of internal issues of being a child out of wedlock has a close bond with MaCele whom she lived with for a while until she decided to go live on her own. One of her reasons for leaving was because she still wants her father to pay inhlawulo for her.

[In Zulu culture, inhlawulo refers to damages paid to the family of a woman who became pregnant out of wedlock by the father of the born or unborn child. It is also an acknowledgement by the father's family that the child is theirs and will thus then take the father's surname after the damages have been paid for.]

MaCele had picked up Sne for a day of shopping after their shopping-spree MaCele then confronted her step-daughter about her rebellious actions and her falling pregnant the second time around without informing the family.

When confronted about the pregnancy, Sne seemed unbothered and kept making snarky remarks and smiling every now and then.

She then tried to pin the blame on her father who has not yet paid inhlawulo for her, however, in a rage of anger, MaCele reprimanded her and said that even if inhlawulo was paid, it does not give Sne the right to be acting so disrespectful and blatantly throwing her life away.

Again, Sne didn't seem bothered at all, her nonchalant behaviour made MaCele cry which was heartbreaking to watch.

Viewers were so annoyed by Sne and her don't care attitude, these are just some of the reactions from last night's episode.

@kenny B…..That girl is having lots of sex to get back at her father..hilarious!

While on the other hand, other viewers sympathise with Sne.

Your thoughts about last night's episode? It's clear that Sne needs to pull up her socks and act right, but maybe there's a deeper story about Sne than what is shown on the surface.


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