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Former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala 'Noni' criticized for showing off her Congolese lover


Phindile Gwala said she was criticised when she started posting pictures of her husband on social media. The former Muvhango actress said that she stuck with her husband no matter what other people said.

“I was criticized when I started posting my man a few years back. Isn't now a trend to post your partner? Don't be afraid of showing off your blessings, people post their cars and lose them, post their new houses and get repossessed, posting about their new jobs and get retrenched. So nothing is guaranteed, nothing lives forever. Just do what feels right at that moment,” she said.

Some of her followers were so inspired that they even shared some of their life experiences about dating or marrying foreign nationals. One of her followers wrote “Say that again my babies daddy is a Ghanaian I was criticised of being with him but God blessed us with 2 beautiful kids… Even today people call my kids foreigners but I live them to bits… I don't regret dating their father. I love my Ghanaians.”

Another follower supported Phindile’s opinion and is of the view that people should not care on what's said about them. She wrote in a comment “Powerful words lovey…do what makes you happy now nothing is guaranteed in life and people will always talk whether u do good or bad.”

Phindile Gwala is happily married to her husband Armando Ngandu and the two are one of Mzansi’s adored couples.

The Former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala got married in December to her Congolese boyfriend Armando Ngandu with whom she runs a chisanyama and car wash business

Popularly known as Noni on Muvhango, Phindile Gwala secretly got married in a private ceremony in December to her Congolese boyfriend Armando Ngandu. The actress and entrepreneur posted pictures on her Instagram page and gave us little hints of what transpired.


In February 2016, Armando proposed to Phindile and she said yes. She posted her pearly ring on her Instagram page. The couple had a beautiful wedding with close friends and family and the media was not invited.

The star shared a post in her traditional wedding gown that read, “He promised, and he did it! Just call me Mrs Ngandu.”

Most of her wedding posts have been removed from her Instagram page.


Phindile had been part of the Muvhango family for almost five years when she left the TV show. Her role had been that of a nosey secretary by the name of Noni who loved to admire rich and successful men who came to her workplace.

Her departure from the show left many Muvhango fans disheartened.

“I resigned because I had been there for some time and I want to grow my brand beyond Muvhango,” she said in a previous interview.


Phindile has a chisanyama and car wash business which she runs together with Armando. The name of the business is called Lotha’s. The pair have been running the business since 2014 and it is based in Wynberg, north of Johannesburg.


Phindile was part of a “money eating” scandal which turned out to be a huge debacle on social media last year. In a cellphone video, Phindile is seen with a stack of money on her plate at a restaurant and she adds salt and pepper to the money to make it more “enjoyable”.

Her friend and actress, Jessica Nkosi, is seen and heard laughing out loud. What caused a stir though is the fact that there was a man who goes by the name of King in the video who once posted a picture of money and a Fidelity bag appeared in the post causing him to be investigated by the police.

To the sour reaction Phindile merely said, “To think that was just a stack of R5 000. That means everyone with R5 000 should be investigated. I did not kill anyone. The police won’t investigate me.”

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