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Bonang Matheba who said she dishes her VAG!Na to whoever she wants, now has another boyfriend!


Bonang Matheba’s love life has been a top secret topic for the last six months but she has finally confirmed that she’s dating a new man.

Bonang previously dated rapper, AKA, for close on two years but the two split for good in December 2017. While AKA took time to recover, Bonang seemed to relive the 2006 novel Eat. Pray. Love after their break-up as she enjoyed fabulous trips abroad, rekindled old friendships and got into the best shape we’ve ever seen her in.

Once the healing process was complete, the speculation around Bonang’s love life returned and after months of leaving us in suspense, Queen B has finally confirmed that she is indeed dating someone.

Last month Bonang did not hold back any punches when a tweep strolled onto her Twitter page to insult her about all the ex-boyfriends she’s had. In a tweet that has since been deleted, the person pointed out all the famous men Bonang had been with including Slikour, Euphonik, D’banj and AKA. She said she does what she wants with her punani.

“My vagina. My rules. Let’s find another angle baby… this is also tired. Make some effort you can do it,” she tweet.

Meanwhile, after dropping a number of curious hints on social media, Bonang has given the clearest indication yet that she had finally moved on during a discussion on Twitter. It began when she tweeted innocently: “…all the kisses”

While people had their own deductions about what the tweet could mean, one particular user had a very elaborate theory about the “kisses” Bonang was referring to.

He said: “We’re definitely getting a single 😊😊😊😋😍 “…1000 kisses” “…all the kisses” i can’t believe you just keep on tweeting these lyrics & people are too blind to decipher that this actually a song you’re about to change the whole game with”

To our surprise, Bonang corrected him by revealing that the kisses were from a significant other:

The B*Force was extremely thrilled to finally hear Bonang confirm that she has someone in her life and the excitement could be felt from the responses:

And now, as one tweep pointed out, the digging begins:

Who do you think Bonang’s new boyfriend could be, and, do you think she will let us back into her love life any time soon?

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