UDM Deputy President Nqabayomzi Kwankwa kidnapped while going to Ramaphosa's inauguration: R10,000 ransom paid


United Democratic Movement (UDM) Deputy President, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, was released after a harrowing ordeal involving a daring kidnapping in Cape Town. The incident, which unfolded with unexpected twists and turns, has gripped the attention of South Africans across the country.

According to UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, Kwankwa was ambushed and forcibly taken by armed men in the area of Driftsands, Mfuleni. The kidnappers, whose motives remain unclear, swiftly made their escape with Kwankwa, leaving the political community and the nation in a state of disbelief.

News of the abduction sent shockwaves through the corridors of power, raising concerns about the safety and security of influential figures in South Africa. The UDM, determined to secure the safe return of their esteemed Deputy President, took decisive action to bring him back unharmed.

In a daring move, the UDM paid a R10,000 ransom demanded by the kidnappers. The tense negotiations that played out behind closed doors showcased the determination and commitment of the party to ensure Kwankwa's release. The decision to meet the demands of the abductors was not taken lightly but was seen as a necessary step to safeguard the life of their esteemed leader.

After the ransom was paid, Kwankwa was finally set free, bringing an end to a nerve-wracking ordeal that lasted several hours. The relief felt by his colleagues, supporters, and the nation as a whole was palpable. Although physically unharmed, Kwankwa emerged from the traumatic experience shaken and traumatized, a reminder of the dangers faced by public figures in our society.

Holomisa expressed his gratitude for Kwankwa's safe return, saying, "We wish Tshawe well on his road to recovery from this dastardly incident."

The UDM leader's words highlight the emotional toll and lasting impact such a traumatic event can have on an individual.

Details surrounding the kidnapping continue to emerge, shedding light on the audacity and cunning of the perpetrators. Police sources involved in the investigation revealed that the kidnappers may not have initially recognized Kwankwa's identity. Their unsuccessful attempt to force him to withdraw money from an ATM at a petrol station, foiled by the presence of security personnel, suggests a plan that went awry.

Instead of abandoning their mission, the kidnappers chose to keep Kwankwa captive until they released him in Lingelethu West, Khayelitsha. Kwankwa, showing remarkable resilience, made his way to a local police station to report the crime after being dropped off. His vehicle was later recovered in the Khayelitsha area, abandoned and serving as a chilling reminder of the terrifying events that unfolded.

The Western Cape Anti-Kidnapping multidisciplinary task team, along with Organized Crime Investigation, DPCI investigators, and Crime Intelligence, are working tirelessly to piece together the intricate details of the incident. Their efforts are focused on bringing the culprits to justice and preventing similar occurrences in the future.

Kidnappings, especially those targeting influential individuals, have become a growing concern in South Africa. In April, Police Minister Bheki Cele emphasized the need for heightened vigilance, stating, "Kidnapping of members of the public and influential individuals as well as businesspersons remains a concern."

As the nation collectively grapples with the shocking events surrounding Kwankwa's kidnapping, questions arise about the broader implications and the urgent need for increased security measures for public figures. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by those in the political arena and the importance of maintaining their safety in a country striving for stability.

South Africans, anxiously awaiting further updates, express their solidarity with Kwankwa and his family during this difficult time. The resilience demonstrated by the UDM Deputy President throughout this traumatic ordeal is a testament to his inner strength and unwavering commitment to serving the people of South Africa.

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