Drama Unfolds: Sfiso Ncwane's Alleged Daughter Claims Actor Siyabonga Shibe as Her Biological Father


In a shocking turn of events, a new drama has emerged surrounding actor Siyabonga Shibe, adding fuel to the already turbulent situation involving his family. The alleged daughter of the late Sfiso Ncwane has come forward, claiming that Siyabonga Shibe is her biological father.

The story began with Siyabonga's reported estrangement from his family, as he cut ties and left them feeling abandoned and ostracized. The rift deepened when a woman, who had previously claimed to be Sfiso Ncwane's child, now asserts her connection to Siya as her real father.

Siyabonga's brother, expressed their bewilderment and disappointment at Siyabonga's actions. They revealed that Siyabonga ceased providing financial support to their mother, even telling her that he wanted no association with her. Despite their attempts to warn him about the alleged daughter, Siyabonga chose to sever ties with his family. To prove his affection for the supposed daughter, Siyabonga reportedly sold his two cars and a house in Ridgeway, Johannesburg.

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The family expressed their lack of familiarity with this daughter, mentioning that she initially claimed to be Sfiso Ncwane's child before linking herself to Siya. They made it clear that they do not wish to be part of her life, feeling that she is pulling their brother further away from them. Shockingly, Siyabonga even insulted their mother, stating that she would not be welcome at his funeral if he were to pass away. His visits to the family home ceased, and he blocked all communication channels with them. It is alleged that Siyabonga downgraded his phone to a non-smartphone while his alleged daughter possesses the latest iPhone 14. Colleagues of Siyabonga have expressed concern as he frequently asks for small amounts of money, even as little as R10, for cigarettes.

Attempts to reach Siyabonga Shibe for comment have been unsuccessful, leaving many questions unanswered and intensifying the ongoing drama surrounding his family and the alleged paternity claims.

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