Tol A$$ Mo's Wife Mome Undresses His Side Chick in Nasty Fight


In a surprising turn of events, comedian and gamer Mongezi "Tol A$$ Mo" Mahlangu and his wife, wellness businesswoman Mome Nale, have reportedly reconciled after announcing their separation. However, their reunion hasn't been without its fair share of drama. Recent viral pictures of Mongezi with a woman named Kat, also known as Manthatisi Tlhakoane, sparked speculation about his relationship status.

A friend of Kat confirmed that she and Mongezi were indeed dating, asserting that Mome is currently "a non-factor" in their relationship. Nevertheless, a recent video on social media depicting Mongezi and Mome sharing a kiss in a restaurant fueled suspicions that the couple had reunited. However, a close friend of Mongezi stated that they are still unsure about the status of their relationship, experiencing both good and bad days.

"They are sometimes happy and most times not.' According to a close friend of Kat, "Mongezi is still dating Kat, they haven't broken up.'

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In a voice note obtained by Mojalove, Mome can be heard expressing her anger towards Mongezi and his involvement with Kat. She passionately voices her displeasure, even threatening to reveal her next romantic partner. Mome's comments took a particularly harsh turn when she mentioned Kat's deceased child, implying that it was a form of divine justice. The friend who shared the voice note revealed that Kat had experienced the loss of her newborn baby a few years ago and has been coping with grief ever since. The insensitive remarks deeply affected Kat, who had her child's initials tattooed on her wrist. The friend emphasized that Kat is not the vindictive person Mome portrayed her to be and expressed concern for her safety, claiming that Mome has been stalking her and sending relentless messages through her children's social media accounts.

"You want to keep your kids stable, how, busy fu**ing such a dirty wh0r3. Love yourself. Me, I'm not touched.' She threatens to show him the next man she will date. "Why doesn't she have her own house, kids? God took her child away because he knows she is evil, she is an evil whore.' According to the friend who shared the voice note, Kat lost her newborn baby a few years ago and has battled with grief since. "Her son was born in January 2016 and died on 8 May. So, when Mome mentions this in the voice notes that God did right by taking her child away, Kat broke down,' the friend says. "She says, Kat deserved to lose her child. That is wrong. Kat even has the initials of her child tattooed on my wrist and Mome knows, how. She is not the person that people think that she is.' The friend adds that Kat was fearing for her life. "Mome has a picture of Kat and Mongezi out in Rosebank at a restaurant, stalking them. She is scared. Mome uses her kid's social media to send a shit load of messages to the guy. Kat is not vindictive and I'm not horrible.'

Furthermore, it was disclosed that Mome leaked the news of her reconciliation with Mongezi shortly after receiving a text message from Kat, where Kat defended herself but requested Mome not involve her deceased child in their conflict. Despite the controversy, Mongezi reportedly spends most of his time at Kat's Sandton penthouse, and the two have been dating for five months. They initially met at a Johannesburg nightclub while in the company of mutual friends. The friend clarified that Kat was unaware of Mongezi's public persona when they first crossed paths, as he was already separated from Mome at the time.

Neither Mome nor Mongezi have provided any official comments on the matter.

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