Thabiso Sikwane Opens Up About Co-Parenting with DJ Fresh Following Divorce


Radio personality Thabiso Sikwane opened up about how she and DJ Fresh make parenting work together, despite their relationship challenges.

Taking to her social media timeline recently, the radio personality encouraged mothers to not be hard on themselves and prompted fathers to show up for their children.

“It is so overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are doing it on your own. Hang in there. I don't think anybody has a formula. Yes there are books, classes, and things you can do to equip yourself, but you know yourself, you know your limitations, you know your capabilities and you find your own rhythm. Pray as well, pray for wisdom on how to raise them.

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“I don't know where I'd be as a parent without praying for wisdom. By His grace, we've been able to raise four amazing children and it's such a blessing that even after our divorce we are parenting. We are both present in our children's lives. I don't use the term coparenting because nothing has changed in terms of how we see our roles as parents and I'm really grateful for that.”

She acknowledged the challenges of parenting alone but encouraged others to persevere, finding their own rhythm and seeking divine wisdom through prayer.

The radio personality highlighted the blessings that have come from their post-divorce parenting arrangement. She mentioned that despite their separation, both she and DJ Fresh continue to be present in their children's lives. Thabiso expressed gratitude for the fact that their roles as parents have remained unchanged, using the term "co-parenting" sparingly as it implies a shift in their approach.

Thabiso and DJ Fresh announced the end of their 20-year marriage in February 2022, revealing their ongoing divorce process. In a joint statement shared on social media, they assured their followers that they would remain friends and continue to collaborate professionally.

While acknowledging that people may have expected drama, DJ Fresh emphasized that their relationship would always be characterized by love and support for one another. Their commitment to maintaining a positive dynamic for the sake of their children has resonated with their audience.

Thabiso's openness about their co-parenting journey provides inspiration and reassurance to others who may be navigating similar circumstances. Her message encourages parents to prioritize their children's well-being and find ways to uphold a strong and supportive parental partnership, even in the face of relationship changes.

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