Jub Jub's Career in Jeopardy: Contracts Terminated Amid Explosive Accusations by Kelly Khumalo


Controversial South African TV personality Jub Jub has faced a major setback in his acting career as Uzalo, one of the country's popular soap operas, terminated his contract following a series of serious allegations leveled against him. In addition, Clash of the Choirs, a well-known television program, also severed ties with Jub Jub, further impacting his professional prospects.

The allegations were filed by three of Jub Jub's former girlfriends, including actress Amanda Du-Pont, singer Kelly Khumalo, and former Metro FM presenter Masechaba Khumalo. These grave accusations led to his arrest, and he was subsequently released on R10,000 bail after appearing in the Joburg magistrate's court in July. Jub Jub is expected to make representations for the withdrawal of the cases during his next court appearance scheduled for November.

Following his court appearance, Jub Jub received an email from Stained Glass Productions, the producers of Uzalo, informing him that his contract had been terminated at the request of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). In the email, a representative from Stained Glass Productions expressed regret about the decision, citing instructions from the broadcaster. However, they left the possibility open for future engagement, should another role become available on Uzalo or another production.

The cancellation of Jub Jub's contract with Uzalo has had significant financial implications for him. The agreement included a payment of R20,000 on a call basis, excluding value-added tax and deductions. If hired on a global call basis, the production house was set to pay him R160,000, also excluding tax and deductions. These rates did not cover additional expenses such as transportation, accommodation, and special needs trust.

Furthermore, Jub Jub suffered another blow when Clash of the Choirs, a show he was associated with, decided to cut ties with him. The cancellation of this contract resulted in a financial loss of at least R200,000 for the musician.

Nokhuthula Dlamini, the line producer of Uzalo, confirmed that Jub Jub would no longer be part of the cast. She explained that the decision was made in light of the serious allegations and the concerns raised by the SABC. Dlamini indicated that if the charges against Jub Jub were dropped, a review of the decision might be considered. However, she emphasized the potential negative impact on the Uzalo brand due to the ongoing controversy surrounding Jub Jub.

The termination of Jub Jub's television contracts not only affects his professional trajectory but also raises important discussions about accountability and the entertainment industry's response to serious allegations. As the legal proceedings continue, the public and industry stakeholders will closely monitor the outcomes and potential implications for Jub Jub's career. The case also highlights the importance of addressing issues related to consent, misconduct, and the responsibility of individuals in positions of influence and power.

It remains to be seen how Jub Jub's legal situation will unfold and if there will be any further impact on his professional prospects. The outcome of the court proceedings will undoubtedly have significant ramifications for his reputation and future engagements within the entertainment industry.

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