Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane undress each other in fight over 5ǝx with President Ramaphosa


Reality TV star Innocentia “Inno” Morolong has challenged television actress Tebogo Thobejane to prove that she accused her of sleeping with the president.

Morolong has issued the challenge in the exception papers she filed in the Joburg High Court in January asking the court to dismiss Thobejane’s particulars of claims as embarrassing and vague.

The beef between the two came to the fore last year when Thobejane filed half million rands defamation lawsuit against Morolong in the same court. This after Morolong, took to social media on March 24 last year and accused her, among others, of being a “prostitute” and “sleeping with the president”.

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Morolong, said Thobejane, also claimed that she was “a loose woman who sells her body to make money” and that she bonked 20 other men without protection. She also alleged that Thobejane loved unprotected sex with the same circle of men, and further accused her of doing “horizontal gymnastics” with her friends who gave her money to buy jewellery.

The aggrieved Thobejane said that Morolong’s accusations were not only defamatory but were also understood by many people to mean that she lacked morals. Thobejane said Morolong does not have the evidence to support her defamatory allegations, which have caused serious financial harm to her business as a social media influencer, well known trouper, and podcaster.

In the papers, which we have seen, Morolong said Thobejane’s particulars of claims were vague and embarrassing and should be dismissed with costs. “The plaintiff alleges that later, on the same day, on Instagram, the defendant began to falsely accuse the plaintiff of sleeping with the president.

“Plaintiff does not mention the date when such comments were made, and on what basis does she conclude that the comments by the defendant were directed against her,” read the papers.

Lampooning Thobejane’s arguments further, Morolong said the Muvhango actress could not even prove she was a famous actress, podcaster, and entertainer she claims to be. “The particulars of the claim fail to lay [the] basis to the effect that defendant has in her alleged live video posted on Instagram, mentioned the plaintiff’s names, which has prompted the plaintiff in believing that the defamatory statements were a direct attack on her,” read the papers.

Furthermore, said Morolong, Thobejane failed to attach the transcribed record of the alleged video, in support of her allegations.

She said the sultry trouper’s particulars of claim also failed to make mention that while recording the live video, she mentioned her name, which resulted in her believing the comments were a direct attack on her.

Morolong also poked more holes in Thobejane’s argument and said Thobejane alleged that her language and style were consistent throughout with all communication she had with her when she published her defamatory comments.

“[The] plaintiff has, however, failed to lay basis to her allegations that there has been any communication, and what was
the content of the communications,” read the papers.

Morolong also said although Thobejane alleged that her false statements and temperamental actions may cause more reputational and financial damage if not dealt with, however, she failed to state how such damages would be caused.

Furthermore, she said, it is not clear from the reading of the curvaceous thespian’s particulars of claim, on what basis she pleaded for her to pay her legal costs.

“In the premises, the plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is vague, embarrassing, alternatively lacks averments, which are necessary to sustain a cause of action against the defendant which renders the plaintiff’s particulars of claim excipiable.

Wherefore the defendants pray that exception be upheld. The plaintiff’s claim be struck out with costs.”

– Sundayworld

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