Actors Motlatsi and Gabisile head over heels in love – Divorce partners so they can be together


Their cryptic snaps and images as left fans wondering wether they are together or not.

No one expected singer and actor Motlatsi Mafatshe and tv presenter and actress Gabisile Tshabalala to be in a relationship.

Many knew they were both married, but with no confirmation of separation or divorce from their spouses, none could say, and their relationship was nothing but a rumour.

However a close friend of the two confirms that they are indeed dating.

“They are just having fun and teasing everyone, but it is not obvious. They are happy, shame. If they were not together which wife or husband would want their partner so close to someone? Let’s use our logic,” the friend says. “They are just enjoying having fun and love it because, a couple can monetize love.”

The two recently launched Gabi & Mo, a YouTube channel that promises to document their life but also their love for the arts and music.‍

In the first part of their channel, Mo says he has known Gabi for a very long time. “I saw her years ago, she was just bubbly on set, and I thought she was just too much,” he admits. Coming clean about having a crush on her, he says he asked her out, but she rejected him. “You were old, I was 19 and you were 26,” Gabi says. “I was straight out of high school,” she adds. “Maybe I wasn’t as successful as I was supposed to be, as a guy who was on TV. I used to have a horrible Tazz, that’s all I could afford.” But she was also not interested in dating a celebrity as a new star. “Now, he is a cool guy, not old anymore, my type,” she says.

They have known each other for more than a decade, the two travel together, and do shows, MC, and music together.

“What’s cool is we hosted a gig ( Ingoma Awards) together and our chemistry was too much fire, we ran that show and directed it, two years ago,” Motlatsi says.

“I will never forget that night. As friends, I like spending time with her and creating.”

Gabi was scared of Motlatsi at first.

“He was a celebrity, and I was new to this. Whenever we had scenes, I was too scared to mess up.” Motlatsi recalls how when she was 19 years old, her mom used to drop her off at his place for babysitting and sleepovers.”

Still not forth coming with the details of their love affair, the couple will announce a podcast that will host icons and legends.

“We are very passionate about sending love to people who have done a lot of creative work. We also want to learn; we see each other as pioneers and producers,” Motlatsi says.

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