I want him dead – Deputy President Paul Mashatile's other girlfriend fumes as he marries someone else


Just a week after his marriage, Deputy President Paul Mashatile is at the centre of a salacious romantic drama involving a jilted ex-girlfriend who is now being investigated by the police for allegedly threatening him.

A representative of Mashatile, Keith Khoza, has opened a criminal complaint on his behalf against the ex-lover, glamorous businesswoman Gugu Nkosi, alleging she wanted to kill him.

Khoza said he had laid the complaint with the inspector-general of intelligence (IGI) because Mashatile suspected that State Security Agency (SSA) operatives were being used to undermine his campaign for the ANC deputy presidency at the party’s elective conference in December last year.

The Sunday Times understands that Mondli Gungubele, who was the minister in charge of the SSA at the time, was thought to be encouraging Nkosi to harass Mashatile.

Gungubele denied this, telling the Sunday Times: “I don’t know what you’re talking about … I read something in the newspapers a long time ago … but there is no evidence whatsoever to prove these allegations … I work with Paul, he’s my deputy president. He’s never uttered any of these things to me.”

The IGI’s office denied receiving the complaint from Khoza on behalf of Mashatile, and Gungubele said the IGI had not approached him.

The spurned lover this week opened her heart to the Sunday Times, releasing lengthy WhatsApp exchanges, SMS bank notifications, and pictures of bags of cash she claims Mashatile lavished on her.

A copy of Khoza’s complaint, which the Sunday Times has seen and which was allegedly lodged via the IGI’s website, includes allegations that after being turned away from Mashatile’s home in November last year Nkosi was “screaming” and declaring that he would never become deputy president.

“She blockaded the entrance, demanding to see the complainant and later called minister Gungubele to brief him about the situation — in the presence of an eyewitness. The eyewitness overheard minister Gungubele instructing her in isiZulu and said ‘ungamuyeki’ [don’t let up]. She called minister Gungubele a number of times that morning,” reads Khoza’s complaint.

Gungubele’s successor, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, told the Sunday Times she was aware of the alleged threats against Mashatile and said he was “fully protected”.

On Sunday last week, after Mashatile’s traditional wedding to Humile Mjongile. Khoza opened a case against Nkosi at the Sandton police station, after receiving what he believed was a death threat from her.

Nkosi approached the venue last week where he was tying the knot with Mjongile, getting as far as the gate, to confront the man next in line to be president.

“Where are you donners … you dodged a bullet,” Nkosi allegedly texted Khoza that day. The SMS was accompanied by a video showing her driving past Mashatile’s house in Kelvin, Johannesburg, where the wedding took place.

Police spokesperson Col Dimakatso Sello said detectives were investigating a case of intimidation. No arrests had been made.

The Sunday Times has also heard a recording of an hour-long conversation Nkosi had with another of Mashatile’s former girlfriends, Norma Mbatha, on Monday. In it, Nkosi rants that she wanted to cause mayhem at his wedding last Sunday. Mbatha confirmed the conversation to the Sunday Times.

“I want him dead! I’ve changed my mission. You were going to hear about me in the news that I have killed the deputy president,” Nkosi fumes. “Yesterday, I was going to hit them. Everybody was going to die. I had an R5 and R36 [rifles]. You know, we were going to be arrested, but they would be dead. I had an arrangement on how I was going to get out of prison. I was going to hit everyone who was in that house. Anyways, it’s a small house.”

Yesterday, Nkosi said she recorded the conversation herself and sent it to Mashatile

and Khoza to “scare them”.

On Friday, Nkosi, who says she owns a construction company, told the Sunday Times that Mashatile had promised to marry her and that she “feels betrayed” that he paid lobolo for someone else.

“I’ve never worked with SSA, and I’m not a spy. I’m just an intelligent woman. Paul was always stunned by the things that I knew, that he thought I wouldn’t know,” she said.

“You can imagine the shock I felt when I heard people say that Paul is getting married — the worst part, getting married to Humile. I was fuming, I was angry and felt betrayed.

“As far as I know, we are still in a relationship because we never broke up. He never told me it’s over and I also never broke up with him,” she said.

Photographs of Nkosi and Mashatile in happier times still hang on the wall in her apartment in Morningside, which is lavishly decorated with Versace furnishings. Price tags of R10,500 are still attached to cushions from the Italian fashion house. Her bed is adorned with white Versace linen.

“I don’t know why Paul did this to me. Why did he choose to humiliate me like this? Last year, he promised to marry me. Everyone in his circle knew that Gugu is Paul’s person and soon his wife-to-be,” she said.

Nkosi, 43, claims to have been in a relationship with Mashatile since 2014, and that his late wife, Manzi, had known about her.

She says she first discovered Mashatile was married when he invited her to the ANC’s Siyanqoba rally in 2016 at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg. She was given a VIP accreditation tag.

She showed the Sunday Times a photograph of her in parliament’s public gallery during the 2020 state of the nation address, sitting diagonally behind Paul and Manzi Mashatile.

Even though Mashatile was married, she said, her three children viewed him as a father figure.

“Last year he gave my daughter the best matric dance any matriculant could ever ask for. He paid for everything, including hiring a car for her for more than R100,000,” she said. His marriage to Humile had devastated her. “Late last year he told me that he wants to focus on the [ANC] conference and that he would pay lobolo after, so I’m shocked to see that he chose to pay lobolo for someone else. I’m still waiting for him to have a meeting with me and explain all this mess that I’m seeing,” Nkosi said.

This week, screenshots of her with bags of cash and foreign currency, which she claimed to have received from Mashatile, circulated on social media.

In the interview, she claimed that Mashatile gave her a monthly allowance of between R200,000 and R500,000. She said he last gave her money in December. The Sunday Times has seen bank notifications that appear to support Nkosi’s claims.

Speaking on Mashatile’s behalf, Khoza said the deputy president strongly denied Nkosi’s allegations. However, he did not deny that they were romantically involved.

“We want to indicate that most of these allegations/accusations are not new. In November last year, we reported improper behaviour by individuals in the state who were implicated in these allegations. As a result, we lodged a complaint with the IGI. We are of the view that this matter is still being investigated.

“Given the persistence of those behind these accusations, we have referred this matter to the law enforcement agencies to investigate and act,” Khoza said.

Nkosi said as recently as two weeks ago she was using a hired car paid for by Mashatile after she damaged her red Porsche Cayenne at his house on November 21, when, she said, she caught him “cheating” with Humile.

“I took that car back because I saw that he was taking me for granted and dragging his feet to pay for the fixing of that car. The car he had hired for me is a [Mercedes] C200. I can’t be going into serious meetings with a C200 — that was the first car that I drove when I was 22. I even told Paul this,” she said.

Gungubele confirmed he knew Nkosi and had met her at ANC functions but denied ever working with her to tarnish Mashatile’s image ahead of the conference, saying, “That’s nonsense … Paul and I, we come a long way together.”

– Sunday Times

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