Video of couple caught having tlof tlof on a rooftop in broad daylight watched over 100,000 times


WHEN a heatwave hits in most cases, people want to go into the water and cool of but for these lovebirds it was a different story.

The kinky couple defied public health officials’ warnings to avoid robust outdoor activities and went ahead and got frisky in the sun.

They sent shock waves on social media when their video having tlof tlof on the roof of a public parking lot went viral.

All this happened as the United Kingdom scorched through its hottest day in history.

According to the New York Post, the shocking incident happened in Birmingham, England at about noon last Tuesday, 19 July as temperatures soared above 37 degrees Celsius.

The tlof tlof-loving couple was bust by a worker watching from the window of a nearby office building.

The spectator recorded the tlof tlof session on their phone before posting the frisky footage on Twitter.

The X-rated clip quickly went viral, clocking up more than 100 000 views, with authorities shocked by the shameless couple’s complete disregard for decency.

While the roof was empty, the couple clearly didn’t care about being caught, with the video showing they were in full view of multiple office buildings surrounding the lot.

“Hope they have sun cream on,” one joked.

“They literally took ‘it’s getting hot in here’ to the next level,” another person said.

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