Celeb sparkle: Iconic engagement rings that made headlines


We are all no strangers to the fact that girls go ga-ga over engagement rings, as they are a public symbol of love and commitment for a woman. People often shy away from admitting their passion for an extravagant engagement ring by dismissing it, saying that the cost of the ring is not as important as its meaning. A simple and subtle engagement ring that looks low-key can indeed mean as much to a woman as an expensive one! However, where is the debate in buying a solid, scintillating diamond ring if you can afford one? The meaning and gesture behind the ring are indeed as important as its physical features!

Celebrities tend to walk an extra mile when showing off their engagement rings! They also set trends with their dazzling choices and out-of-the-box ideas! Be it a solitaire, diamond, halo, or any other ring type. Celebrities leave no stone unturned when choosing the finest ring for their loved ones. They often gravitate towards an opulent, extravagant engagement ring that reeks of luxury and is the perfect blend of style and class.

Following are some of the iconic celebrity rings that made headlines-

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  • Hailey Beiber’s ring

Hailey’s engagement ring is a solitaire ring with an oval centre diamond. The metal band of the ring is made of 18K yellow gold, a traditional metal used for engagement rings. The diamond placed at the centre is shiny and genuinely appealing. This timeless piece is believed to measure 6-10 carats.

  • Paris Hilton’s engagement ring

This starlet’s engagement ring has a centre stone that is an emerald-cut diamond. This ring has framed more minor step cuts on each side. The ring features baguette-cut and trapezoid accent diamonds. The custom P-shaped pink sapphire Signature stone makes the engagement ring even more appealing. The ring has an old and vintage touch.

  • Kourtney Kardashian.

The social media personality’s engagement ring will leave everyone baffled! Costing up to a whopping $500,000, the ring has a thin white-gold pave band that holds the elongated oval-shaped solitaire diamond in the social media starlet’s ring. The ring's centre stone is estimated to be around 10 to 12 carats. Another distinctive feature of the ring is its ultra-slim band that hardly feels on one’s finger.

  • Megan Fox’s engagement ring.

The actress’s engagement ring features two sizable pear-cut emerald and diamond stones. They represent each of their birthstones in a heart-shaped ring. The ring is designed with two rings in mind, the emerald and the diamond. Thus, when interlocked, the ring forms a heart shape. This ring was created using an 18-carat white gold in a pave setting. It also has colourless diamonds and two pear-shaped gems that weigh 6 carats.

  • Demi Lovato’s engagement ring.

The singer’s engagement ring is a large pear-shaped diamond on a gold band. Even though it is a solitaire, it has a thicker band than many celebrity engagement rings.

  • Lily Collins’s engagement ring.

Regarding celebrity engagement rings, Lily’s engagement ring has made its mark with the unique see-through square-cut ring. This ring has a square rose cut diamond in a bezel setting. The light-pink diamond weighs around 3-4 carats and its stone has no base, which makes it unique and different from other quintessential engagement rings!


Celebrity engagement rings have always been a source of fascination for the public, offering a glimpse into the luxurious lives of the rich and famous. From Hailey Bieber's timeless solitaire to Lily Collins's unique see-through square-cut ring, each choice becomes a symbol of love and individuality. These iconic rings, whether extravagant or personalized, showcase the diversity in expressing commitment.  Regardless of style or price, the true value lies in the heartfelt sentiment behind each types of jewellery, inspiring couples to celebrate their unique love stories.

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