Hotel owner Lerato Kganyago humbles Musa Khawula for life… ex-security guard dishes dirt


After being trolled on social media by Musa Khawula over the ownership of the 12 On Hillel Villa and Spa Hotel. Radio and media personality Lerato Kganyago must have been at her wits end as she reveals documentation that supports her as the owner of the establishment.

Undeniably, Lerato Kganyago has been trending and going through hell of late and all thanks to controversial social media blogger Musa Khawula. Khawula has been giving Lerato Kganyago sleepless nights, whetherhe was calling Lerato Kganyago a carbon copy of Bonang Matheba and not the owner of the new 12 On Hillel Villa and Spa Hotel.

After a string of social media squabbles between Lerato Kganyago and Musa Khawula, surrounding the rumors of the 12 On Hillel Villa and Spa Hotel ownership. Lerato Kganyago has decided to come with her receipts that proves that she is indeed the hotel owner. Taking to social media, Lerato Kganyago has shared documentation of company ownership from the Company and Intellectual Property Commission.

The very same controversial Musa Khawula, takes to social media to has share the news after Lerato Kganyago has revealed documentation of the establishment ownership on social media.

"She just released a statement that she is indeed the owner of Amour Restaurant as well as part owner of 12 On Hillel Villa and Spa" wrote Musa Khawula

Tweeps have gravely criticized Musa Khawula for his past torment towards Lerato Kganyago. At some point, Lerato Kganyago took to Instagram to address the constant trolling and bullying from Musa Khawula. Things took an emotional turn, as she broke down and cried her eye balls out while she was live on Instagram.

Musa Khawula has received a lot of backlash and vitriol for his constant torment, harassment and bullying on Lerato Kganyago. At every turn, Khawula likes to refer to Lerato Kganyago as Bonang Matheba lite, which speaks down on Lerato Kganyago's image as that refers to her being Bonang Matheba's shadow.

"It's really sad that she had to prove that she's the owner. We as black people we have no respect for each other, we look down on each other, we question each other's winnings" wrote Rudzani Courage Khomola.

Another tweet has tweeted that his uncles is a former security employee at Lerato Kganyago's hotel. The tweeps continues to mention that his uncle resigned because of non-payments.

"My uncle was working there as a security guard until he resigned because Lerato and her husband were failing to pay them" wrote Fred Brito

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