Zahara who loves beer fumes – Denies being drunk after going live on Instagram drunk (VIDEO)


SINGER Zahara says somebody has a vendetta against her and is trying to stir people up.

On Saturday, the singer went live on Instagram. And as she was talking to her fans, they asked her to sing the national anthem.

However, she didn’t know some parts and couldn’t stop laughing


This led to social media users assuming she was drunk, with many claiming she was out of control and someone needed to take her phone away.

Zahara said she didn’t understand why that section of the video was the only one trending.

“Most people recommended gospel songs and I started singing them.

“Before I sang the anthem, I said I didn’t know the Afrikaans part properly. Whoever recorded the national anthem part has a vendetta against me.

“Why would they record just the part I didn’t know? Why did they not record me singing other songs?”

Zahara was annoyed people thought she was drunk whenever she was having fun.

“We are locked in for weeks and people don’t want me to be happy.

“I wasn’t drunk. I always go live and sing for people. I don’t know what’s different about this time.

“This time, I’m shocked by the way people are responding.

“The quarantine is probably driving people crazy.”

Zahara said she would not stop going live because some people thought she was out of control.

“I will not stop having fun because of haters. I will continue joking if I want to,” she said.

“Comedians always make jokes about big things like presidents and nobody holds them accountable.

“Why are people being so difficult with me?”

Zahara went live on Instagram and she was very drunk to an extent that she couldn’t even sing. The singer tried a few songs from gospel to Whitney Houston and it was a mess. The funny part was when she said R Kelly inspired her to sing Loliwe.

Hayibo njani manje???! We couldn’t get enough of these videos we had to share them with you check them out below:Zahara who loves beer fumes – Denies being drunk after going live on Instagram drunk (VIDEO)

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