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The Impact of Using Expired Make-up and Skincare Products: Insights from Dr Alek Nikolic

We all know that make-up and skincare products have expiration dates, but how many of us actually pay attention to them? In an honest confession, many of us continue to use products well past their expiration dates (guilty as charged!).

But it begs the question: what really happens to our skin when we use expired products? Are there any risks involved in ignoring those dates?

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To shed light on this matter, I sought the expertise of Dr Alek Nikolic, a respected specialist in aesthetic medicine and owner of SkinMiles.

Why do make-up or skincare products expire?

Dr Nikolic explains that the efficacy of the ingredients starts to diminish over time, which is why products have expiration dates.

Should people continue using make-up or skincare products beyond their expiry dates?

According to Dr Nikolic, it's not advisable to use products after their expiry dates. Manufacturers conduct stability testing to determine when the ingredients lose their effectiveness.

But many people claim that using expired products has no visible effect on their skin. What's the truth behind this?

Dr Nikolic assures that there is no immediate danger in using expired products, but the specific effects on the skin become reduced or negligible. While there may be no harm, he advises against it.

Are there any products with longer shelf lives or that are safe to use after the expiry date?

Generally, sunscreens, moisturizers, and toners have longer shelf lives, often exceeding two years, depending on the brand. However, serums tend to have a shorter shelf life, usually around one year.

How can people determine if their products have expired?

Dr Nikolic suggests looking for the expiry date, usually stamped with non-removable ink on the product. It is commonly found near the bottom of tubes, on the base of serums or airless dispensers, and on products in pots or similar containers.

In conclusion, using expired skincare products may not pose immediate risks, but they have likely lost their efficacy. So, it's time to clear out those old products and prioritize the freshness and effectiveness of your skincare routine.

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