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A very unusual story came out of Nkandla where Jacob Zuma shot and killed his neighbor's German Shepherd after it attacked several chickens in his backyard.

Police told Jordan Gulilo that this is a very tough case. Both Jacob Zuma who shot the German Shepherd and the dog owner can face charges.

According to Nkandla Police, this all happened just after four on Sunday afternoon at the home of Jordan Gulilo in Nkandla.

Police say Zuma came home to find his neighbor's German Shepherd had killed three of his chickens he kept in the backyard.

Nkandla Police Chief Christopher Merekero says that Zuma shot the German Shepherd once and killed it with a licensed pistol that was registered to Zuma.

He was not charged for killing the dog, though he was cited with a town code violation for owning livestock in a residential neighborhood without proper land requirements.

The dog's owner was also cited with a violation for having a loose dog.

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