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A DURBAN woman begged a magistrate to grant an order to stop her son from turning her house into a brothel by inviting his girlfriends and

Silibaziso Nleya who was seeking a protection order against her son Mathew Nleya claimed that the latter was misbehaving during her absence.

Silibaziso who said she spends most of her time in Johannesburg added that their neighbours were also complaining about her 20-year-old son’s wild behaviour.

“My son has become a problem to both the family and community. I work in Johannesburg and whenever I came back my mother and the community will be complaining about his behaviour of bringing his friends and girlfriends into the house where they would be having fun while smoking dagga and having loud sex.

“I have tried to reprimand him on several occasions but to no avail. During my absence he is taking advantage of the fact that my mother whom he stays with is blind and that the maid is also afraid to reprimand him. My request to the court is that he should not pollute my house by bringing his friends and girlfriends,” she said.

When asked to respond to his mother’s complaint, a remorseful Mathew who did not dispute the accusations promised to change his behaviour.

“I do appreciate what my mother is complaining about and I will no longer do that,” said Mathew.

Presiding magistrate Sithembile Ncube before passing the ruling  took the opportunity to chastise him.

“You are still young and you need to respect your mother because of what she is doing for you. Just imagine she is working hard in Johannesburg so that you can have a better life but you are betraying her trust by your wild behaviour.

“Do you know that smoking dagga is a crime in this country? You should stop doing that if you do not want to be on collision course with the law,” charged the magistrate before she ordered him not to bring home his friends and girlfriends without his mother’s consent and not to be violent towards her.


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