They Always Lie When Asked This: 7 Top Questions Ladies Often Reply With Lies


In my interaction with all kinds Of ladies over the years, I discovered that there are some questions that they don’t normally reply you with the truth. It’s as if it’s a Taboo in their “Ladies Kingdom”.

Even if they are too good, they often keep silent with a smile (I call that GREEN LIES) OR “bend” the truth until you can’t tell which is truth anymore. lol.

Below are some of those questions:

1. How old are you?

Majority of ladies feel that if they reveal their age to an interested young man in a social network, they might be looked down upon, but not with a potential partner na… Age is a number, just spill it.
Hiding it does not reduce it.

2. Are you in a relationship?

When you ask her this question, TWO things are involved. She might say YES to make you think that she is not lonely and bored. If she says NO, it might be that she’s a type that wants to “dig gold” (as my brother analysed, hehehe) from all angles OR she might just be spreading her tentacles.
Lies remains Lies!

3. Are you a Virgin?

This is like a rhetorical question. Before you ask, just answer it yourself, YES! Some might get mad at you just for asking, hah! Bae, sorry o… My curiosity got the better of me…

4. What can make you tell a lie?

Lies? Lies are bad, she’ll reply. I don’t lie. I hate lying. Take a deep breath because you’ve just been lied to.

5. Do you love me?

NB: I’ve never asked this sha . lol.
Whenever you get to this point, don’t try to ask. Anything you hear is obviously not the truth.
Why? Love is shown more than it’s spoken.

6. When was the last time you got laid?

More often than not, if she is a bit honest, she’ll tell, two years ago or A year and six months. I’m not doubting her but… hmm!
God is watching yooo!

7. What did you take for breakfast?

Hehehe! She will never tell you garri or “packet shirt” with ogbono soup. She will tell you things like: Plantain chips, Indomie, Bread and tea…

The thing go fear me more when I ask, since morning? and she replies, Yes! Hah! Where you get strength from to rush for lectures? You be Super woman?

She won’t tell you she’s watching her weight which Most times are PLAIN, SILLY LIES! Lol! For most part, She’ll tell you Nothing, I am not hungry or I have lost appetite… iffa hear!

All she needs to hear is just your “Bae, try and eat something, OK” lol.

These are my findings, you can add to it and are they TRUE??.

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